January 31, 2023

11 News Houston

Houston News - KHOU 11

KHOU 11 is a CBS affiliate station that has been in business since 1953. The channel airs local news programs, including political discussions, sports events, and live game shows. It is also known for its investigative reporting. 11 News Houston

In the early 2000s, the news staff began to investigate the Houston Police Department's crime lab. This led to the shutdown of the lab and the dismissal of several officials. Since then, the investigative reporting team has covered a wide variety of stories, including the dropout rate in the Houston Independent School District, the defective design of Firestone tires, and the deaths of journalists.

In addition to its own news program, KHOU has a sister station, WFAA, that provided live news coverage. This station also provided social media profiles, as well as live streaming on its website. However, the studio was closed in August 2017 when the studio and several other buildings in the channel's main office complex were flooded.

After the flood, KHOU began to air minute-by-minute updates on its newscasts. One of the most popular shows on the station is Blue Bloods. Another popular program is Master Highlights.

KHOU also airs religious programs from Lakewood Church and Second Baptist Church. Several programs are carried on the station's digital platform, such as the Christian music show Twice, the True Crime Network, and Bounce T.V. They also feature celebrity interviews and sports commentary. Aside from live news and sports programming, the channel also features entertainment and lifestyle content. There is also a classified section on the KHOU-TV Web site.

The station's weather department offers extensive coverage of the weather in Houston. Whether it is Hurricane Harvey, a tornado, or another weather event, the team has the resources to give the public the most accurate information. Those interested in learning more about KHOU's news and weather team can visit the KHOU website.

Channel 11's investigative team is called "KHOU 11 Investigates". Their investigative reporting has led to a number of important stories. These include the fraudulent dropout rate in the Houston Independent School District and the closure of the crime lab in the Houston Police Department.

KHOU has a weather division, which provides information on local and national weather conditions. Some of the people in this unit are Mia Gradney, Blake Mathews, Justin Stapleton, and Brandi Smith. Each of these individuals has extensive experience in reporting on major weather events. Also, they provide vital duty risk assessments, write blogs, and participate in community outreach programs.

Mia Gradney has been a reporter for KHOU since July 2012. She has reported on Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Harvey, and other big events. Additionally, she has earned the Emmy Award for journalism excellence. Currently, she presents three daily newscasts: 5 PM, 6 PM, and 10 PM.

On September 8, 2015, KHOU began airing The Late Late Show. The show will feature seven segments, focusing on seven different topics. This is the first time a Houston television station will offer a late-night talk show.

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