January 25, 2023

13 News Houston

ABC 13 News Houston

ABC 13 News Houston, Texas, provides the citizens of Houston with the news, weather, and information they need. During the years that the channel has been in operation, it has become a well-known name. This network is owned by ABC and is part of the ABC Owned Television Stations division. Currently, the channel airs on weekdays and weekends. The station also has an app that is available for mobile devices. Whether you are interested in sports or the news, the app will provide you with all the information you need. 13 News Houston

The news network first hit the market on 20 November 1954 with the callsign KTRK TV. In 1986, the station was purchased by Capital Cities Broadcasting. A few years later, the station was made an ABC O&O television channel. Its studios are located in the Upper Kirby district.

After a few years, the station began to offer its own weather and news services. This led to the creation of Channel 13 Houston Weather. Today, the team of four meteorologists is responsible for forecasting the weather in the greater Houston area. These forecasts are produced with the help of a Mega Doppler HD radar.

Since then, the station has expanded its news coverage. They now have several shows that include live reports from local news anchors, sports updates, and political reports. Additionally, they have a weather service and app. Moreover, their weather reports feature national and world news. Their app is updated with new features every few days.

With their app, users can find out the latest weather conditions in their region and save their favorite locations. The app is also used by the Channel 13 Houston Weather team to provide alerts for severe weather. Users can also choose between live video or a customized news feed. There is also a food and travel segment, a live report, and a sports transmission.

One of the most popular people on the channel is Brhe Berry. He has been a reporter for the channel since February 2009. Currently, he is covering the weather and traffic in the Houston area. However, he has also been reporting on major events in the city. For example, he recently reported on Hurricane Florence and the shooting at Lafayette's Grand Theatre.

Other notable names on the station include Kevin Roth, the weather reporter, and temporary weather anchor. Roth is an expert at observing the KTRK weather radar. Besides his expertise, he also has a dog and loves to travel around the world. Also, he loves to read fantasy books and has an obsession with basketball.

Another popular show that was aired on the station was Dialing for Dollars. During this show, the anchor would give out cash prizes for answering questions. Although the show was popular, it was also criticized because it was very fast-paced and only focused on spot news. Despite its faults, the program was a big hit in the American media.

Another show that was aired on the channel was Good Morning Houston. The morning show featured local issues and was a popular show.

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