18 Wheeler Car Accidents

18 wheeler car accidents

If you're involved in an 18 wheeler car accident, the last thing you want is to suffer the same fate as the truck driver. While you might not know how to prevent them, you should definitely be prepared. You can take steps to prevent accidents caused by these large vehicles by being more aware of what to watch out for while driving and how to report unsafe drivers. There are also certain behaviors you should be aware of to prevent getting hurt.

First, trucking companies put pressure on their drivers to deliver their loads on time. They might even require drivers to speed and skip rest breaks. Moreover, they may own their trailer and tractor, and so their maintenance and repairs should be a concern for them. These factors, combined with the fact that trucking companies often have a limited insurance policy, can make an accident more likely. Therefore, it's critical to retain an experienced truck accident attorney to fight for you.

The damages incurred by 18-wheelers are greater than those caused by regular car accidents. Moreover, passenger cars may be crushed under the enormous weight of a semi-truck. Some of the common injuries suffered by victims of these accidents include head, neck, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and internal injuries. In addition to these, 18-wheeler car accidents can also cause life-threatening conditions, including death. With all the damage that these large trucks cause, it's crucial to hire an experienced attorney who will fight for your rights.

Injuries sustained during an 18-wheeler car accident are severe and should be treated immediately. In most cases, the trucking company settles for a low sum of money, which is much lower than the total value of the accident, and the trucking company won't want to risk losing at trial. Sometimes, a settlement can't be reached through negotiation, and the case will proceed to trial. Whether or not you need to go to trial depends on the circumstances, but an experienced attorney can help you fight your case.

While the truck driver is responsible for the accident, there are other factors that can cause it. For example, the truck driver could have been distracted or under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which may have led to the accident. Driver fatigue and inexperience may also cause truck accidents. In some cases, overloaded cargo can cause a collision. In these cases, a trucking company can be sued if they negligently drive. As long as the truck driver is properly insured, there's a good chance of recovering full compensation.

In addition to negligence, fatigue and distraction are also causes of fatal truck accidents. Many truckers are paid by the load and may feel pressured to complete runs as quickly as possible. Even if the trucking company is liable for truck driver fatigue, they might have been encouraged to drive beyond the regulated hours and distance. That's why fatigue and distraction are particularly harmful during an 18-wheeler accident. Therefore, truck drivers must focus on the road and stay on task at all times while on the job.