18 Wheeler Crash Texas

18 wheeler crash texas

In a horrific 18 wheeler crash in Texas on Saturday, two people were killed and three injured. The male driver of the west-bound car was pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver was not seriously injured. The male driver of the Jeep Latitude had non-life-threatening injuries. The 18-wheeler driver was not identified by police. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. The accident happened around noon on Saturday in the Waco area.

The cause of the 18-wheeler crash is often a combination of excessive speed and lack of attention. It takes about two football fields for a typical big rig to stop at 65 miles per hour. Although commercial truck drivers are trained to make sudden stops, many do not allow themselves enough time to do so. The trucker is not always to blame for the crash; in fact, the driver may be at fault for the accident.

The truck driver was carrying 30,000 pounds of eggs when he crashed into an overpass near Dallas during rush hour. The driver was traveling on Interstate-30 when he hit the overpass. The crash left a massive egg splatter in the road and caused fuel to spill onto the highway. The driver was not hurt. While his truck was flipped, there were a number of eggs that fell out of the truck and spilled on the ground.

An 18-wheeler driver lost control of the highway due to slippery conditions. He hit another 18-wheeler that had no control over its speed and slid into the other truck. The second truck then lost control and struck a concrete wall. Luckily, the second tractor trailer did not flip over on itself. The crash caused a huge traffic jam, and police have issued a travel advisory for motorists who want to avoid the area.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, thousands of people die in fatal truck crashes across the U.S. every year. Thousands more are severely injured. According to the latest figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, four hundred and thirty-six people died in truck crashes last year. Eighty-two percent of the victims were motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The statistics indicate that these deaths continue to rise.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating the crash in Taylor, Texas. Two 18-wheelers collided with one another in a single lane of the highway. One was carrying a large load of steel pipes. The accident occurred at around two a.m. on FM 1660. The drivers of both trucks were in the wrong place at the same time. Although the driver of the 18-wheeler lost his life, two people were critically injured in the crash.