18-Wheeler Truck Accident Yesterday

18 wheeler truck accident yesterday

A semi-truck carrying seafood collided with a car in Longview, Texas yesterday. Surveillance video captured the collision between a blue Nissan Maxima and an 18-wheeler. The semi driver apparently did not adjust his speed to the wintry conditions, and the collision smashed into the car. Neither driver was injured, and the accident remains under investigation. It is not yet clear what caused the accident.  Personal Injury attorney

Despite the severity of the collision, the railroad employee may have been negligent in not lowering the barrier that separated the two trains. The crash disrupted services and the train was pulled off the tracks. The crew repairing the train inspected the damage. At 1:45 a.m., repairs were complete. The train was not the only one in the news yesterday. In Surin, Thailand, an 18-wheeler trailer truck crashed into a power pole and tree. The train driver may have been unable to avoid the accident if the barrier had been down.

The driver of the semi-truck, Steven C. Stotts, failed to control his speed as he approached a traffic light and hit a few vehicles in the road. One of the vehicles was burned, and the truck and trailer remained on fire. As a result, the roadway was closed for seven hours. This accident has left many drivers scrambling for information. The White River Fire Department responded to the scene, and freed the occupants of the cars.

The investigation process of an 18 wheeler truck accident is very different than that of a typical car accident. Because truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to extensive professional regulations, they may have broken one of these rules. A seasoned truck accident attorney can determine if a violation of the rules governing trucking contributed to the accident and collect all the evidence necessary to build your case. And if they were to, they'll work hard to get you the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.