18-Wheeler Truck Accident Yesterday

18wheeler truck accident yesterday

An 18-wheeler truck accident yesterday killed at least three people and critically injured many others. Police say the accident involved a driver who failed to control speed, and the trailer jumped over a concrete barrier and caught fire. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. According to 2022 KLTV, the driver of the semi-truck whose trailer was crushed is under investigation. This report was written by a local police captain.  Personal Injury car accident lawyers

A passenger vehicle and an 18-wheeler crashed on Interstate 20 in Gregg County, Texas, shortly after 10 a.m. The crash caused the Thruway to close in both directions, and only the right lane remained open by mid-afternoon. The truck, which was traveling eastbound at the time of the crash, crossed the center median and the guide rail, striking the passenger vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. A state police spokeswoman said that one person was killed and that the other two drivers were hurt but not seriously.

The train that hit the 18-wheeler trailer was carrying about 100 passengers in nine carriages. Many passengers suffered minor injuries. The 18-wheeler driver apparently crossed the railway crossing without stopping because the safety barrier had not been lowered. When the train hit the trailer, the truck's trailer was tossed into a canal next to the tracks. The train engineer and locomotive driver were uninjured. Wuthichai Ruang-aram, the locomotive driver of the train, and Jennarong Chuenchoy, the engineer of the 18-wheeler, have pleaded guilty to the charges.

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