August 6, 2022

How One Car Accident Changed My Life Forever


1- I met my wife, Julie, after one of our cars collided during an intersection accident in September 2009. It was horrible, but it taught me that things can turn out okay for you even if they seem impossible at first. She is not only my best friend today; she’s also my soulmate, the woman who will forever be by my side no matter what happens. We married just over two years ago; we had been dating since high school. At first, we were happy to have each other to lean on when tragedy struck – her car flipped into mine and I ended up with minor injuries. After that, however, life took us down a very different path from where I expected it would go. In fact, without this experience, I could never have prepared myself for all that lay ahead. As terrible as it may sound, losing your spouse is like being ripped apart inside and then put back together again. And while I thought I knew everything there was to know about love


I was just driving down my street when all of sudden, there was an accident that happened right in front of me. A man hit his head on some rocks after he fell off of his bicycle. When the ambulance arrived it took him away so quickly but one thing stayed with me for years to hurt like hell! It felt as if someone had ripped out half my insides and thrown them into a bucket full of acid. The pain kept going up and down until I could barely move any part of myself at all. All I can remember from this time is seeing people lying around everywhere covered in blood and crying uncontrollably because they were in horrible physical pain. Even though the pain was unbearable, everyone else's emotions overwhelmed me. People would cry hysterically or scream while trying their hardest not to make more noise than necessary which only made everything worse. Seeing these broken bodies lying around made me start thinking about how useless life was and gave me hope that maybe someday things would go back to

What happened?

When I was seventeen years old, while driving home from school one Sunday afternoon, my car drifted out of control down an embankment in front of a truck that wasn't stopped at a stop sign; causing me to crash into another vehicle head-on. As a result of this accident, I fractured ribs all over my body along with several other injuries including broken bones in both legs as well as severe brain damage caused by two skull fractures in addition to three or four cuts inside my scalp. Due to these serious injuries and more, I have been physically unable to work for about nine months now.

Why did I get hurt?

A year after being in an accident, my life was different. I had no money for food or shelter. People were afraid to offer help because they didn’t know what would happen to them if they helped me or they thought that they might be held responsible for whatever happened if something bad did happen. When someone asked how much time I needed to recuperate I couldn’t tell him. All he could see were people who have lost their jobs, and can barely afford food or care for themselves let alone pay off medical bills and legal fees. He told me that it will take at least five years before you are able to work again. It took almost two months but now I am back working full-time as a paramedic. In those tough times when I couldn’t find enough clients to support myself, I started teaching CPR classes so that other parents wouldn’t lose another loved one because of me. The most important lesson from this experience is not to stop caring

Who was at fault?

The truck driver who hit me in an intersection didn't have enough time to stop when he saw my red lights, so I had no choice but to run into him and his vehicle caused severe damage to both of our cars. I lost control of mine which ran over some parked vehicles with people inside then smashed through the front windows of the other car causing it to roll several times before finally coming to rest in the middle of the road. Luckily nobody got hurt, although three women were trapped inside the broken-up SUV for hours until police arrived. They'd been sitting together waiting on their husbands' arrival from work because they hadn't wanted to go home alone after being out late drinking alcohol. The first two men weren't able to get themselves free without help from others even though they tried everything they could think off, like using every tool in the house including screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, tongs, wire cutters, and more! Even if we hadn't needed any medical attention, I

What impact did it have on me?

I got an education, because of that car accident - I learned about different types of vehicles, and what to expect when someone gets hurt in one (I never thought people would try to kill each other with cars). Because I was only 12 years old, my parents didn't think I could handle all that stuff by myself so they decided to pay for some counseling sessions as well as private school tuition. This proved an invaluable lesson for me, but not everyone receives this kind of help after being involved in an accident like mine. As you can imagine, there is more than just physical harm from accidents such as these, mental effects are also very real; depression, anxiety, anger issues...the list goes on and on! Please consider helping those who've been injured through no fault of their own get the treatment and support they need. It's easy to say "it will be fine", or "they'll heal"....but how do you know until you see them? Helping others may seem altruistic at

What would you like to know about this topic?

I was in my car, driving home after work one night when a motorcycle came out of nowhere and crashed into me head-on.

I remember everything that happened afterward; from being taken by ambulance to the hospital where they performed surgery on me for six hours because of massive internal bleeding...and then having two days off with little sleep until I finally woke up at home.

"What does this have to do with anything?"

It seems so insignificant now but it changed my life forever.

Two years ago today was the day of my accident. That is something no other person alive has ever experienced before or since (at least not until now). It's been twenty-four months now since the accident; five and half weeks since I lost all memory related to it and eight and a quarter since I returned home from rehabilitation.

My doctor had told me as many times as he could before I left his office that "everything

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I was driving my car, in heavy traffic one morning when another driver cut me off at an intersection as I went around him. He then turned left without looking for other cars or using his turn signal, which is against all laws of road safety! Fortunately he had been drinking that day so it wasn't too bad but he did hit two parked cars and caused quite a lot of damage (including knocking over trees). A few days later the police came around with some men who were going door-to-door collecting insurance money from people whose vehicles got damaged. This man's father told them about what happened earlier that week but they just shrugged their shoulders saying he must have been drunk because he hadn't even bothered to tell them about it before getting into the accident! They didn't seem interested anyway until I explained how upset I had been since that night and the stress it put on our home life. When they finally realized how traumatic this incident had truly been for us they said sorry for

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