Accident Lawyer Houston

accident lawyer houston

An accident lawyer Houston should be on your side if you have been involved in an automobile accident. While the insurance company is responsible for covering the damages, they are not always willing to negotiate a fair settlement. An accident lawyer Houston has to offer can help you get the money you deserve after the accident. You may have suffered severe injuries in the accident, and the medical bills can quickly pile up. Not to mention the car repair bills, which can be very expensive.

Hiring an experienced accident lawyer Houston attorney is important, as injuries can be severe and require lifelong care. The cost of medical bills, time off from work, and any other long-term disability resulting from the accident, can be staggering. Rear-end collision victims are presumed to be at fault for the collision, but a lawyer from Charles J. Argento & Associates can help them prove this. This means getting the money you deserve to cover all of your medical expenses, and possibly even reclaiming time lost from work.  car wreck lawyers houston texas

Before hiring an accident lawyer Houston, be sure to get the name of the police officer who is on the scene. If you can't get the police to take your pictures, you can ask a bystander to take a photo of the crash scene. Make sure you email the photos to your lawyer right away, because you may forget about them later or accidentally delete them. A good accident lawyer Houston will be able to take a copy of the photo to prove your case.