AMC Houston 8

AMC Houston 8 - An Upscale Movie Palace

If you are looking for a fun night on the town with a few drinks, you may want to look into AMC Houston 8. Located in the Texas capital of the Lone Star State, this movie palace is a ten-minute walk from the teeming downtown district. You can also check out the likes of the Bob Casey United States Courthouse, Bayou Music Center, and Houston Grand Opera if you happen to be in the area. Despite being a relatively new theater, you can expect to find the latest hits and recent flops, but nothing too out of the left field. AMC Houston 8

Aside from being one of the city's more upscale enclaves, it is also a convenient location for a night on the town, thanks to its proximity to the Houston Metro bus stop. However, it doesn't have its own on-site parking, so you'll need to scoot over to Capitol Street or the surrounding parking garages to catch your next flick. There is also a nice mix of upscale diners and boozers in the vicinity. Thankfully, the AMC Houston 8 also possesses a few luxuries of its own, including a nice-looking bar, a full-service restaurant, and a few other high-end eats. With the latest offerings from Sony and IMAX on tap, you can bet that your next movie experience is bound to be a treat. So, be sure to snag a reservation before you check out the show. It's worth a visit, but be sure to plan ahead, especially if you are in a rush. Afterward, you may just have time for a scrumptious dinner at one of the many nearby restaurants.