January 20, 2023

Astros De Houston

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros is a Major League Baseball team based in Houston, Texas. They play in the American League West division. In 2007, they finished the season with a record of 73 wins and 89 losses. Their playoff record isn't great. As of now, they're not in the race for the playoffs. But they are one of the best teams in the league. Astros De Houston

Before moving to Houston in 1962, the Astros were an expansion team in the National League. The team was founded as the Houston Colt.45s. When the team moved to Houston, they changed their uniforms to a brick red uniform with pinstripes.

However, the Astros struggled to establish themselves in the National League. It took them 18 years to make it to October baseball. During the first 18 years, the Astros posted a losing record.

Houston played in the National League West division from 1969 to 1993. After the move to Houston, they played in the NL Central division from 1994 to 2012. That season, they won their first division title.

Several of the players on the Astros' roster earned a place in the Hall of Fame. Carlos Martinez was the team's leader in batting average in 1986. He also won the Cy Young Award. Also, Carlos Gonzalez was a fan favorite for his power. Moreover, he won four Gold Gloves. His career also included being selected to seven All-Star games.

One of the biggest highlights in Houston's baseball history is their win in the Serie Mundial in 2017. This victory was the second in their six-year run in the franquicia. The fans celebrated the win with a Desfile in Houston. And they drew a crowd of one million people.

Other memorable moments in the Astros' history include their first World Series in 2005. In 2021, they lost to the Atlanta Braves in a six-game series. Afterward, the team was swept by the Chicago White Sox in the World Series. Since then, the Astros have not won a series elimination game.

For the first time, the Astros qualified for the elimination matches in a year with a record of 78 wins. Roger Clemens and Carlos Beltran were the key players who helped the Astros get to the playoffs.

In 2011, the Astros made a major change. Their logo was modified to include a shooting star. Until that time, the team's uniforms were black and sand. Later, the Astros added an arc-en-ciel uniform.

In December 2011, Jeff Luhnow was appointed as general manager. Since then, the team has purchased $680 million in assets. Despite a record of 111 losses in 2013, the Astros continue to rebuild. They also made a move to the AL West division in 2013. With a new coach and several players, they have won the NL East title in 2014. Finally, in 2018, they finished the season in first place in the NL West division.

Although the Astros are not in the race for the playoffs this year, they will still be an active force in the future.