June 15, 2022

Bauer Fractured Skull

bauer fractured skull

A lawsuit filed by a former ESPN writer and a Pasadena resident is making headlines. Suing a sports website and its former writer for defamation after the two published an inaccurate report about a woman's fractured skull. The allegations are part of a larger dispute between Bauer and the media. The woman who filed the lawsuit did not respond to a request for comment from the network.

Freedman's attorney  asked TMZ Sports and The Sun to publish a photo of the woman's face with two black eyes. The woman's attorney said that such injuries could not have been caused by a consensual sexual encounter. The allegations forced Bauer to take a leave of absence from his role with the Dodgers. The team bolstered its starting rotation without Bauer.

In response to the allegations, Bauer's representation shared documents that showed a suspected fracture, although it was not discovered during the CT scan. The story was updated to reflect this fact. Moreover, Bauer's attorneys released hundreds of texts between the victim and him. Many of them are flirtatious and sexually explicit. While these messages cannot legally constitute consent, they do show  had a "psychological and emotional state of insanity" when he assaulted the victim.

While the woman's lawsuit alleges that assaulted her, the D.A. declined to file any charges.  Attorneys have denied the woman's claims. They have also filed a defamation lawsuit against her. However, the woman has yet to file a response. During the July 23 hearing,  the opportunity to answer the allegations made against him. He then released a seven-minute video on YouTube to make her appear as a victim of assault.

Although is currently on leave, he continues to be paid $32 million per season. Despite the lingering injuries, he has signed a new three-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers worth $102 million. As of June 30, salary was $28 million. In July, he finished the season with an 8-2 record and 2.59 ERA. This past June, he made only three appearances for the Reds, but the infamous MRI revealed the fractured skull.

The report also mentioned an allegation of domestic abuse.  In the article, an unnamed woman accuses of domestic abuse and sexual assault. The reports are based on a California woman. A lawyer for the alleged victim, who claims that Bauer was a sexual harasser, declined to comment. Regardless of the legal situation, the allegations against  disturbing and warrant an investigation.

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