February 1, 2023

Best Restaurants Houston

Best Restaurants in Houston

Houston is a foodie destination where a melting pot of multicultural ingredients beckons to be tried. From fine dining to family-friendly spots, Houston's restaurants offer a range of experiences for everyone. Best Restaurants Houston

Whether you're looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, a romantic date spot, or a great place to go for your weekly catch-up with friends, here are the best restaurants in Houston. Each restaurant is rated by Tripadvisor users and includes both local favorites and classic go-to's.

Traveler's Table, Montrose: With a menu inspired by a global fusion, Traveler's Table makes a world traveler out of every diner, showcasing a variety of flavors from all over the globe to suit your tastes. With refreshing watermelon and Argentinian provoleta to Caribbean braised oxtails, the dishes are sure to take you on an international journey.

Le Jardinier, Museum of Fine Arts: With its colorful decor and lavish menu, Le Jardinier is a Bastion Collection gem that's a must-visit. The French-inspired menu focuses on the freshest produce and is designed to change with each season.

The Best Tex-Mex Restaus in Houston: With locations in Austin, Dallas, Plano, and now in Houston, Tacodeli has become a staple in the Texas restaurant scene. Known for its laid-back neighborhood tacos and Mexican cocktails, Tacodeli has been around since 1999 when it opened in Austin and has since expanded to other cities.

Dinette, The Heights: Dinette is a modern Vietnamese restaurant with an uncomplicated yet sly approach to familiar favorites, such as pho and bun bo hue. The restaurant aims to please a wide array of diners and is open late to accommodate everyone's busy schedules.

Uchi, Post Oak Place: Hai Hospitality's latest Japanese concept, Uchi, has a sister restaurant in the new Post Oak Place development, Uchiko. While some signature favorites from the Uchi menu crossover, this smoked and charred kitchen with a yakitori grill takes things a step further with some exciting twists on traditional ramen and other dishes.

Koffeteria, EaDo: Cali-raised chefs Gary Ly (Underbelly) and Lung Ly spent time cooking and hanging out in tiny record-strewn dives in NYC before bringing their hip-hop-inspired kitchen and bar to Houston. Stashed inside the former Night Heron space, this super cool eatery has a chill vibe that's as fun as it is tasty.

Coltivare, Houston: This rustic Italian spot uses seasonal produce in a beautiful way. The garden-inspired menu is full of beautiful dishes such as fried heirloom okra and zucchini slices stuffed with ricotta, but if you're in the mood for pizza, we recommend the slow-cooked pork pie.

The Warwick, Westheimer: This posh new gastropub, formerly Houston's, is named one of Houston's oldest luxury hotels and aims to deliver upscale cuisine in a luxurious atmosphere. Consulting chef Antoine Ware draws from his extensive New Orleans background while working with local chefs to bring The Warwick's Southern-influenced American cuisine to life.

Louie's Italian American, Westheimer: This new burger joint from the owner of Xochi hasn't been open long enough to earn its name in the city's crowded burger scene, but it is likely to make an impact soon. With a focus on fresh and inventive ingredients, it has already gained a fan base.

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