February 7, 2023

Best Steakhouse In Houston

 The Best Steakhouse in Houston

Houston is a great city for steak lovers and there are many amazing steakhouses throughout the area. Whether you're looking for a high-end dining experience or a more casual meal, there is something for everyone! Best Steakhouse In Houston

Texans love their beef, and there is no place in the state where you'll find a better selection of top-quality steaks than in Houston. Known as a "steak capital," the Lone Star State has long been home to a rich heritage of cattle ranching and cattle-raising. This heritage, combined with a love of upscale steakhouses and traditional butchering, makes the state one of the best places in the country to dine on top-quality cuts.

Steak 48

This modern steakhouse has an upscale dress code and a contemporary atmosphere. They source their meat from ethical farms and use an in-house butcher to make sure you receive the highest quality steak possible.

Their main courses include a variety of filet mignon and other cuts, but you can also get non-beef options like lamb rib chops or roasted chicken breast. They serve a number of different sides and they're all delicious!

Toro Toro

If you're a fan of Pan-Latin cuisine, this restaurant from celebrity chef Richard Sandoval is a must-visit. It opened its sixth global location in 2021 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston and is a must-try for anyone who enjoys sizzling meat, seafood, and the vibrant culinary culture of Central and South America.

With a menu that showcases the cuisine of the region, it's no surprise that this steakhouse is a huge hit with locals and tourists alike. Start with a Mojito and teasers from Smoked Swordfish Dip to Street-style Anticuchos, then order one of the big guns: Tomahawks or Churrasco.

The Palm

The Palm has been around for over 95 years and is renowned for its delicious steaks and seafood dishes. Its new GreenStreet location in Downtown's GreenStreet district is two stories and boasts the brand's signature walls and murals. The restaurant's environment is upscale comfort which means it's suitable for everything from country club casual to black tie.

Del Frisco's

Del is one of the most popular steakhouses in Houston and with its rich, two-story interior it never fails to create an exciting vibe. They have a huge wine list with over 1,200 unique bottles and if it's nice out you can enjoy your dining experience on their second-story patio.

Taste of Texas

Recipient of the Houston Chronicle's 2022 Best of the Best Steakhouse winner title, this restaurant has been a favorite among locals and international travelers for years. The massive size of the restaurant can cause a bit of a wait on weekends, but there's almost always a table available if you're able to make a reservation. Their salad bar includes all the standard options, and they offer a few extras to elevate your meal like lemon pepper seasoning and blue cheese butter.


Another 2022 Best of the Best Steakhouses Finalist, Perry's serves prime rib on a regular basis, and you'll have no trouble ordering it. They also have a great lunch menu and an exclusive Friday lunch that's perfect for business associates, especially those with limited budgets.