February 11, 2022

Bone fracture types after a motorcycle accident in Texas

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Texas, the potential for broken bones is high. This is because motorcycles offer very little protection in the event of a crash. There are several types of broken bones that can occur, and some are more serious than others.

Types of bone fractures in a motorcycle accident

  • Spinal injuries: Motorcycle accidents could lead to mid-back or lower back bone fractures. This often occurs when you are at high speed and collide with another object or when a car at high speed hits you. Spinal injuries could paralyze you if not addressed quickly.
  • Broken forearm: Motorcyclists often use their arms to brace for impact during an accident. This often causes your ulna or radius to break, sometimes injuring your wrist bones.
  • Skull fractures: A significant blow to the head during a motorcycle accident could lead to skull fractures. The risk is heightened if the motorcyclist is not wearing a helmet. Skull fracture is often followed by brain damage because the broken bone can cause the cerebrospinal fluid to leak or exert pressure on the brain.

What to do in a motorcycle accident in Texas

Having a broken bone from a motorcycle accident may require expensive surgery, could make it impossible to go to work and might disable you for the rest of your life. If you get into an accident, you can take measures that will ensure maximum compensation. For instance, never admit to fault when an accident occurs; don't apologize because your words could be misconstrued. Don't talk to the police or insurance company before contacting an attorney, and try to gather as much evidence as you can.

If you are successful in a personal injury suit against the liable driver, the court might award you funds to cover all your medical bills and lost wages. With proper care and rehabilitation, broken bones can heal.

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