January 27, 2023

Breakfast Club Houston

The Breakfast Club of Houston

The Breakfast Club of Houston is a relatively new addition to the universe that is Houston. The most notable feature of the club is that its members represent a wide cross-section of the Houstonian ilk, including the gents from the hip-hop generation and the ladies of the night. Those in the know will tell you that the club's Spring Social, held on the second Wednesday of each month, is one of the city's most enjoyable events. On the same note, the boozed-up sexes can go head to head on the dance floor and boogie down the night away. Breakfast Club Houston

It's also worth noting that the Houston Breakfast Club boasts an impressive lineup of high-profile guests, including elected officials from all levels of government. A quick perusal of their website reveals that this is no exception. Likewise, the club's newest members are making their mark in the city's social and professional circles. The most notable among them is a trio of young execs who've carved out a niche for themselves in Houston's competitive real estate market. Fortunately for them, the venue is just a short walk from their place of employment.

In a city where a quick stop for a post-work breakfast can equate to an hour's worth of lost productivity, the breakfast club is a welcome sight. Especially when you factor in the free coffee and complimentary mimosas. Moreover, the club's upfront pricing isn't the kind of deal that you'll have to scramble for. Among other benefits, the club's membership includes discounted rates on legal services. And if your client is a member, you might be able to score a free dinner. Of course, if you have a pre-arranged date, it's best to arrive a little early to avoid the dreaded brunch line.

Overall, the Houston Breakfast Club has done a commendable job of ensuring its members' success and will do so in the coming years.