January 30, 2023

Brennan's Of Houston

Brennan's of Houston

If you love the flavors of Texas Creole cuisine, you will enjoy Brennan's of Houston. This restaurant is located in a historic building in Midtown. In addition to serving a great meal, you can also enjoy the history of the building. Brennan's Of Houston

The building was designed by John Staub, who based his design on the 1795 Rilleux House in New Orleans' French Quarter. The building was originally home to the Junior League of Houston, but it has been renovated into a dining room.

Several private rooms are available. Guests can also have a romantic wedding ceremony in one of these spaces. The main dining room is still a favorite for guests. It features beautiful decor and windows that once were camouflaged.

After the restaurant burned down in 2008, the owners reopened in 2010. They continue to serve traditional Creole dishes in a modern atmosphere. There are several dining rooms that are available for social or corporate events.

Originally called Owen Brennan's Vieux Carre, the restaurant was named after the former owner's father. After he died in 1955, his widow Maud managed the business. She eventually secured full control of the restaurant. The family later opened Brennan's of Dallas, a franchise, and Brennan's of Houston.

Brennan's of Houston serves fresh Gulf Coast catch. The menu includes gulf fish Pontchartrain, jumbo lump crab, J&J shrimp, and a variety of oysters. Additionally, the menu has classics like bananas foster. Bananas Foster is a popular brunch dish made with bananas, cinnamon, rum, and brown sugar.

Brennan's has been in the restaurant business for more than 70 years. Initially, the restaurant was located on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. However, the Brennans moved to 417 Royal Street in 1956. Since then, the restaurant has been a favorite brunch spot for tourists.

Although the original location was destroyed in a two-alarm fire during Hurricane Ike, the restaurant was rebuilt in 2009. Since then, the restaurant has become an icon in the city of Houston. It is frequently listed as one of the best restaurants in the area.

Brennan's is also famous for its turtle soup. Served in demitasse cups, the soup is warm and filling. The restaurant has served the same dish since 1967. You can order it as an appetizer or a main entree. The soup is best served with Lustau Sherry.

Brennan's of Houston is also a favorite for date nights and business lunches. Customers have been enjoying fresh Gulf Coast catches, fine Creole cuisine, and a great view for more than 30 years. Visitors are also welcome to hold weddings and social events at the restaurant.

Brennan's of Houston is located on a 4,280-square-foot triangular lot. Brennan's is on a street that connects to the downtown area through the Brazos/Bagby exchange. Other restaurants in the area include S & S Restaurant & Deli, Melt Bar and Grilled, Warwick Country Club, 4 B's Restaurant, Chefs International Inc., and Arnaud's. A popular brunch spot, Brennan's also offers an expense account dining option for business lunches.

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