January 27, 2023

Channel 11 News Houston

Houston News - Channel 11

Channel 11 is a local news and entertainment television station in Houston, Texas. It is a member of the Central Broadcasting Service (CBS) and a sister station to WFAA. A major component of KHOU's success is its investigative reporting team. Their reporting has led to the closure of several HISD crime labs and led to the firing of many Houston police officers. Channel 11 News Houston

The team on channel 11 provides the most detailed information on the news, sports, and weather events in the greater Houston area. They also cover political happenings. Some of the news shows they broadcast include the 5 PM, 6 PM, and 10 PM newscasts. These programs are produced locally and can be seen in both digital and cable.

In addition to providing daily news, the team also covers natural disasters, homicides, and crimes. They have been involved in Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey coverage. During the early 2000s, KHOU investigative reporting led to the closure of the Houston Police Department crime lab.

News anchors on channel 11 include Mia Gradney, Len Cannon, and David Paul. All three are known for delivering major news in a live, real-time manner. This team has covered a number of major events in the Houston area and has earned Emmy awards for their reporting.

In addition, to live news coverage, the team offers digital programming on the go, with programs such as KHOU Radar. The news team also includes a weather division that provides minute-by-minute updates on hurricanes and other severe weather. For additional information on the weather team, visit the station's website.

When the infamous 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit, the team on channel 11 reported on it. Their coverage of the storm, including a rebroadcast of the first radar image, resulted in an Emmy award.

After Hurricane Harvey, the team on channel 11 provided extensive coverage of the storm's landfall in Rockport. It also began to provide minute-by-minute reports on the damage to the city of Houston.

Despite the floods, the station continues to provide live coverage of the major Houston area events. As well, KHOU broadcasts religious programs from Lakewood Church and Second Baptist Church. Also, the station airs off-network reruns of CBS dramas late night.

Several major Houston news events have been covered by the KHOU team on channel 11. One of the most notable cases was the investigation into the defective Firestone tire designs that caused numerous lawsuits and the deaths of two reporters.

Other famous anchors on channel 11 have included Ron Stone, Sid Lasher, and Jerome Gray. Dan Rather joined the team in 1961 and retired in 1970. Since then, most of the staff has gone on to work for national news stations.

KHOU's investigative team has gained the respect of the public. Many reporters have followed in their footsteps. Although the station lost its studios in the flooding of Hurricane Harvey, it has announced plans to open a second street-side studio at the George R. Brown Convention Center in the coming months.

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