January 20, 2023

Concerts In Houston

Concerts In Houston

Houston is a thriving music city with a plethora of concert events happening in the next few months. From pop to heavy metal to jazz, Houston is the perfect destination to experience a live show. In addition to its renowned music scene, the city is home to several iconic venues. Concerts In Houston

Warehouse Live is a concert venue in Downtown Houston. It is one of the most popular venues in the city and has hosted such big names as Pink, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Bruno Mars. The concert venue can hold 450 people and has two different concert spaces. There are a few different concerts taking place at Warehouse Live right now.

Night Drive is a synth-pop duo from Austin. Their latest album is In Case You Missed It, which is available for purchase. This group has a unique style that combines Latin pop with traditional Mexican music. At Warehouse Live, the group will perform songs from their upcoming album.

Chaka Khan is a ten-time Grammy Award winner and a renowned multi-genre singer. Her concert will be at the Arena Theatre. She is touring to support her new studio album.

Glen Templeton is a blue-collar hero. He has a great voice and is a Texas native. His first full-length album came out in March. Besides his show at the Main Street Crossing, he will be playing two shows at the White Oak Music Hall.

Night Drive will be performing at the Bayou Music Center on Saturday, October 7. They will also be performing at the White Oak Music Hall on Tuesday, November 8. Yuridia will play at the Bayou Music Center on Thursday, October 18. Known for their unique blend of Latin pop and traditional Mexican music, the band is a must-see.

Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore are longtime friends and they will be playing together at the Heights Theater on Friday, October 16. The show starts at 8 pm. West Texas Exiles featuring Colin Gilmore will be supporting the two performers.

If you are looking for a great view of the city's skyline, check out Sinatra Under the Stars at Post Houston. Featuring live jazz versions of classic Sinatra tunes, this event is a treat for the eyes and ears. Tickets are $70 for a table of four.

In addition to the classical, rock, and pop concerts, there are also a number of live music festivals taking place in the city. Some of the most famous bands and performers in the world have toured through the Houston area. Including Beyonce, ZZ Top, and Bruce Springsteen, there are many options for a Houston concert.

A few days before, the Houston Symphony will perform Disney's Fantasia at Jones Hall. In addition, Claudio Simonetti's Goblin will be performing the score to the cult horror film Suspiria at Warehouse Live. Another upcoming musical event is the Inspire Film Festival's Thunder Soul Movie Screening & Concert at Miller Outdoor Theatre. After the screening, the Kashmere Reunion Stage Band will be performing.

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