Contingency Fee Personal Injury

contingency fee personal injury

If you are in the market for a new personal injury lawyer, you should ask your prospective attorney about contingency fees before hiring them. The fees and payment terms that they offer should be fair and they should not discriminate in their charging practices. If you are not sure where to turn to find legal help, don't rely on the insurance claims adjuster to provide you with legal advice. Instead, seek professional help from a qualified lawyer with experience in personal injury cases.

A contingency fee agreement is a legal arrangement in which an attorney receives payment only when a client wins a settlement or jury trial. A contingency fee attorney is paid a percentage of the total settlement or judgment, so there is no need for the client to pay hourly rates or make payments throughout the litigation process. A contingency fee attorney is motivated to win the case with minimal effort on the client's part.  car wreck lawyers houston texas

Many contingency fee cases are civil lawsuits in which negligence or carelessness led to an injury. Since financial damages in a personal injury lawsuit are capped by law, the amount of compensation that a plaintiff can recover is limited. The plaintiff may only recover the money necessary to cover his or her expenses and damages, but they may also be entitled to compensation for mental anguish and daily frustrations. A contingency fee attorney may be a good choice for you if you have a limited budget and wish to get the best legal representation for your case.