Coronavirus Houston

Houston is Among the Hardest Hit by the Coronavirus Outbreak

Texans have seen a surge in coronavirus cases in recent months. More than 40,000 people have been diagnosed since the outbreak began in June, and more than 603 have died. Among the areas hardest hit is Houston, where the number of confirmed cases has nearly tripled. Coronavirus Houston

The disease is a contagious respiratory illness that causes mild to moderate symptoms and incubates for a few days. Most people become infected through direct contact with an infected person's saliva or eyes. However, there are several ways to avoid getting the virus. People can wear masks and take other precautions, such as washing their hands and staying home.

Texas has been one of the most affected states, with a record number of COVID-19 cases reported each day. In the past two weeks, hospitalizations have more than doubled, and TMC reports that its ICUs are running at 90 percent capacity. Health officials are warning that if the situation continues, Houston hospitals may soon run out of beds.

Harris County has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the state. The county is reporting the most people in the ICU, and most of those are in the acute phase of the illness. Other counties are seeing the number of coronavirus patients increase.

Several counties have implemented special phone lines for people interested in learning more about coronavirus. They should be able to give you information on where to go for testing, and how to avoid exposure. It is important to contact your local health department if you have respiratory symptoms and are worried about getting the virus. You can also find information online.

As of Monday, March 25, a total of 603 people have died after being infected with the disease. That is more than three times the amount of deaths from the previous year, and about four times the death rate of Texas overall.

Those who are at risk should contact their local health department or their primary care physician. There are COVID-19 vaccines available at pharmacies. If you are infected, you will need to stay out of public places for 14 days to prevent other people from being infected. For more information, visit your health department's website or call them.

A new strain of coronavirus is causing a major spike in coronavirus cases in Texas. Houston and several other cities in the state have already been affected, and many schools have already closed their campuses. On Sunday, the city of Houston reported the first 1,333 cases of the novel coronavirus.

Harris County has recorded the most coronavirus cases and fatalities. According to the health department, the area is now at the highest point in the disease's history. And officials are concerned that the spread of the virus in the Houston region is uncontrolled.

While the city of Houston is the largest and most populated, it is not the only area of the state to see an increase in the number of hospital patients. Houston Methodist Hospital, for example, is considering becoming a coronavirus-only facility.