Current Time In Texas Houston

What is the Current Time in Texas?

What is the current time of day for you fellow Texans? For the uninitiated, there's a fine line between a sluggish morning and a sluggish afternoon. The most common time zones in Houston are CST, PST, and DST. A good time to plan your next meeting or family get-together is around midday, mid-morning or late afternoon. During the aforementioned hours, it's a good idea to be a bit more conservative than usual. Thankfully, Houston is well-staffed and offers a variety of amenities to keep you occupied and happy, such as a free shuttle service to the airport and a multitude of restaurants, clubs, and casinos. One of the more enjoyable experiences is taking in a game or two at one of the many sports venues in the city. Besides the obvious sports, you'll find a number of nightclubs, restaurants, and bars to perk up your nights. Getting a hold of a local guide is also a good idea. On a more positive note, you can also savor the many restaurants, pubs, and clubs with a good ol' fashioned beer or cocktail at no cost. You'll also find a wide array of nightclubs and casinos that'll have you swaying all night long. Current Time In Texas Houston