Dallas 18 Wheeler Accident Today

dallas 18 wheeler accident today

A truck carrying almost 30,000 pounds of eggs crashed into an overpass in Dallas early Monday morning. The force of the crash cracked open the egg cases, spilling the egg yolk onto the highway. The driver was unharmed. However, the wreckage is an embarrassment to the egg-growing community. The truck driver is uninjured. But his cargo was not. This truck accident will make the eggs industry pay for its safety flaws.

While the driver of the big rig was not injured, the truck's trailer was. The accident took place on I-45 near Simpson Stuart Road in Northwest Dallas. The accident occurred at about 2 a.m. after the trailer separated from the cab. The trailer continued to slide down the embankment, and the cab eventually moved off the freeway. There is no indication as to whether the wet road was a factor.

While the risk of an accident is inherent in driving, truck accidents are often the result of negligence and conditions beyond one's control. When a truck driver is negligent, a collision may result, causing serious injuries, sometimes fatalities. A Dallas 18 Wheeler accident attorney will know exactly what you can expect from your case and what your legal rights are. Compensation can help you pay for immediate medical costs, ongoing medical bills, and other necessities that will help you get back to work and your life.

An investigation into the accident will determine the driver's fault and determine the amount of liability. Liability for an accident is calculated by comparing the fault of all parties involved. Even if you were partially at fault, you can still recover damages. If the truck driver had been distracted and tired, the accident might not have happened in the first place. If so, you can file a civil lawsuit for negligent driving.