June 8, 2022

Dallas Bus Crash

dallas bus crash

A Dallas bus crash killed Paula Hahn, a nurse who lived in Fort Worth. The bus driver, Lloyd Rieve, did not wear a seat belt and hit a man while out of the path of Hurricane Rita. Despite this, Rieve was never indicted for negligence or awarded damages for negligent employment. Still, Hahn's family filed a civil suit. There are some important things to know about the accident.

Dallas police took seven juveniles into custody following the incident. The drivers of the two cars were involved in a police chase, and the bus crashed into them. While some of the juveniles tried to flee after the crash, they were eventually caught by officers. The passengers were taken to various hospitals for treatment, including Parkland Memorial Hospital and Las Colinas Medical Center. In addition to the two fatalities, dozens of people were injured in the crash.

The most critical part of an accident claim is proving damages. There are many types of damages, and the types are subjective. You should complete medical treatment before making a demand for compensation. Make sure to follow your Dallas bus crash attorney's advice to get the full compensation you deserve. The surviving family members of the deceased passenger can also seek compensation for their losses. Whether you need medical treatment or financial assistance, Rasansky Law Firm is here to help.

The crash occurred outside of Dallas on State Highway 161. It was a charter bus, and it was loaded with elderly people. The bus driver had lost control of the vehicle after hitting a tire. The bus rolled onto its side and exploded, killing all 23 passengers. There were several injuries in the crash, including several senior citizens who were on board the bus. In the aftermath, the bus drivers and passengers were pronounced dead at the scene.

Depending on the type of bus, the accident could result in a personal injury claim. If the bus was operated by a private company, you need to identify the owner, driver, and any other parties responsible. Texas law allows victims to file a claim up to two years after the accident. There are also special circumstances that may extend the statute of limitations. If you are hurt in a bus crash, contact a Dallas bus accident attorney today.

The Texas Department of Public Safety found minor violations in Cardinal Coach Line Inc.'s safety inspection last week. The company filed for bankruptcy in the same year. In December, it received a large tax lien. This may have contributed to the accident. It is unknown if the bus company is currently out of business or will continue to operate. In either case, the Texas Department of Public Safety will investigate the crash. If it is not, you can file a civil lawsuit against the company.

While the size of the bus and weight may influence the severity of the crash, bus drivers should put safety first. Drivers and bus companies must also ensure the bus they operate in is in the best condition possible. The FMCSA, which oversees bus safety, reported that bus crashes result in over 15,000 injuries a year. The statistics include injuries to bus passengers, bus drivers, and pedestrians. A bus accident can be very deadly.

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