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In 2019, there was a reportable crash every 58 seconds in Texas. But in 2020, people spent more time than ever around the house. So, car crashes and fatalities decreased, right? Unfortunately, the answer is no, Read on for details on Dallas car accident statistics in 2020

In 2020, fewer people on the road caused a car accident, and fatalities spiked in Texas and across the US. The fewer people on the road, the more likely motorists are to speed, lose control of their automobile, and crash.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also noted that alcohol and drug use increased nationwide during the pandemic. Before the pandemic, 50% of drivers in serious crashes tested positive for alcohol or drugs. By late 2020, 65% of drivers in serious or fatal crashes tested positive.

Unsurprisingly, cities and towns with the highest populations have the highest number of traffic accidents. In a year when people believed they were “safer at home,” it looks like a Texas road was one of the most dangerous places they could have been.

Dallas Car Accident Statistics 2021 in Texas’s Second Largest City

Between March and December 2021, 480 people died in car crashes in Dallas, Denton, Collin, and Tarrant counties. Compared to the same timespan in 2019, that’s an increase of 72 deaths. Less traffic during the pandemic contributed to higher speeds, meaning the crashes that occurred were more serious.

According to the Crash Records Information System (2020):

3,541 fatal crashes in the state of Texas in 2020
35,294 total crashes in Dallas
370 motorcycle-related crashes in Dallas
389 crashes in Dallas that involved driving while intoxicated
956 crashes in Dallas that involved driving under the influence of alcohol
221 crashes in Dallas that involved driving under the influence of drugs
Early on, it looked like fewer car crashes and injuries might be a pandemic silver lining. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie. When Texas motorists hit the road in 2020, they were more likely to speed and operate under the influence, resulting in more crashes and deaths.

2021: Dallas Car Crash Statistics So Far

In 2022, more people are hitting the road nationwide. Midway through the year, how do Dallas car crash statistics stack up to last year? According to the Crash Records Information System, there were 212,838 total Texas crashes, 13,656 Dallas crashes, and 415 alcohol-related Dallas crashes by May 2021.

Also in 2021, the TDOT revealed that pedestrian deaths now account for one in five traffic fatalities. Along with Texas car crashes, injuries, and fatalities, pedestrian deaths are also on the rise.

There are several leading causes of pedestrian fatalities in Texas:
Motorists failing to yield the right of way
Driving distracted or driving too fast
Driving under the influence of alcohol
Pedestrians failing to follow traffic safety laws
Another trend worth noting: wrong-way crash fatalities are increasing. According to AAA, Texas leads the country in wrong-way driving accidents. Common factors that lead to wrong-way driving include alcohol impairment, driving without a passenger, and older age. A recent AAA study revealed that 60% of wrong-way drivers had a BAC (blood alcohol content) greater than or equal to .08 (1,757 drivers.)
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