Dallas Wreck Video

dallas wreck video

In the Dallas Wreck Video, you'll see a silver Hyundai head-on into another car in the middle of an intersection. The driver gives the other driver information about the accident. After the impact, the silver Hyundai spins around, hitting two other cars head-on. The video shows the entire wreck. A video of the Dallas Wreck Video will give you an inside look at what happened in this deadly collision.

In the video, you'll see car smashing into a car that was making a turn. He was taken to the hospital, but was released the same day. TMZ obtained video of the incident. Jones' sedan crashed into a silver car, t-boning it. The driver said he would give the footage to both parties. It's unclear if any serious injuries in the crash, but the video shows that he was rushed to the hospital.

Despite the severity of the accident, TMZ's Dallas Wreck Video has revealed that was not at fault in the accident. TMZ obtained the dashcam video of  the other driver in the accident. The video shows Jones was heading southbound in the wrong direction, and that the other driver was not in the right lane at the time. Despite the crash, suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital only for precautionary reasons.