February 6, 2023

Discovery Green Houston

Discover Discovery Green in Houston

Discovery Green was created in Houston as a place for residents to get together and enjoy their neighborhood. It is a community garden, park, and recreational space where people of all backgrounds come together to play. It has become an oasis in the middle of downtown Houston and a catalyst for economic growth and social change. Discovery Green Houston

The park opened in 2008 and has quickly become a beloved spot for families, workers, and visitors alike. The 12-acre urban park features grass lawns, a one-acre lake, public art, playgrounds, and several restaurants.

There is always something to do at Discovery Green, but a great way to experience the park is during the holiday season! You can ice skate, participate in family-friendly events and enjoy the holiday lights. You can even try a Texas-shaped lazy river and a giant chocolate display!

Located across from the George R. Brown Convention Center, the park is an easy walking distance of many downtown hotels and restaurants. The park has plenty of parking, including an underground garage. It is a short walk to the Metro Rail station on Avenida de las Americas.

Its design was inspired by parks in other great cities and based on input from Houstonians during an extensive outreach process. Ultimately, the park transformed a 12-acre parking lot into an extraordinary public space where families can connect with each other, workers can gather, and visitors can enjoy the beauty of Houston.

With assistance from Project for Public Spaces, a group of civic-minded philanthropists worked with the city of Houston to acquire 12 acres of land adjacent to the convention center and hired renowned designers to develop a master plan. The park is now a 12-acre green oasis that attracts more than 1.5 million visitors each year.

A place to get outdoors and connect with nature, the park is home to a beautiful lake with kayaking and other water activities available all year long. Among the other attractions are a splash pad, misting tree, putting green, shuffleboard, reading room and library, listening vessels, stages, model boats, and a host of public art installations.

You can eat at one of the two restaurants, The Grove or The Lake House, which are both located within the park. They offer signature dining as well as fast-fun food and sunset cocktails, all surrounded by lush gardens and majestic oak trees.

The park is operated by the non-profit, Discovery Green Conservancy, which relies on donations and proceeds from park events to help fund its maintenance and programming. They are currently pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for their operation.

As the summer months approach, it’s not uncommon for Discovery Green to have a shortage of water. So, they’re trying to raise $25,000 in a “Grow the Green” campaign to re-sod their grass. This time, they are planting a different kind of grass, St. Augustine, which has proven to be more resilient in the heat of Houston’s summers.</span

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