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Divorce is never easy. There are many factors that lead couples to the difficult decision to end their marriage. At The Rose Sanders law Firm, we can get through this together. We’ve helped thousands successfully manage the end of their marriage.

Our lawyers have the experience and the expert resources to handle your case, no matter how complex. Contact us to learn more about how we can protect your interests today so you can move forward with your life.
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Divorce Services Offered

Military divorce
Divorce in Texas
Property & debt settlement
Complex asset division
Hidden assets
Tax & title issues in divorce
Foreclosure & real estate equity
Spousal maintenance / alimony

When To Contact a Lawyer

After much deliberation, you and your spouse have come to the emotional decision to legally end your marriage. The next steps can be daunting, so The Rose Saunders Law Firm hopes to provide an easy-to-follow next-step process.

Being the first to file. There can be advantages to filing for divorce first. If you have already decided that the marriage is broken or you think that your spouse is about to file, talk to us and we can explain why you may wish to file first.

When you have been served. If you have already been served divorce papers, our divorce lawyers will immediately move to ensure your property rights are protected. Avoid being caught off-guard. Have a lawyer explain the significance of the divorce decree, the divorce process, and your rights.
We understand this can be a deeply upsetting experience and promise to provide the best services possible with compassion and care. Contact an attorney at our Houston law offices to schedule a consultation to discuss the divorce process. From our offices located in Houston, Dallas, McAllen and El Paso Texas—We represent clients throughout Texas.

The Cost of Divorce

family lawyer
At The Rose Sanders Law Firm, we understand that many clients are concerned about the cost of divorce. We work with them in an efficient manner, keeping their best interests — emotional and financial — in mind. Here is how we will help you:
We will evaluate your financial situation and advise you of the impact child support and alimony may have on your finances.
We will explain Texas property and debt division guidelines, and how they will influence the division of complex assets such as retirement funds, investments, and even your business interests.
We will help you understand the tax implications of alimony and some types of property division.
We have the resources to investigate financial abnormalities that may signal your spouse has hidden assets or income.
We regularly work with child custody evaluators and psychologists to help our clients develop thorough child custody and visitation plans that work for families.
We can also help with estate planning if needed.

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