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Were you in a serious accident in a South Texas oil field? Has a loved one passed away prematurely due to a fatal oilfield accident anywhere in Texas? If so, contact our El Paso oil field injury lawyers immediately.
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Oil Field Injury Lawyers Seeking Justice For Injured El Paso Texas Oil Field Workers

At Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC, we believe in pursuing full justice and compensation for our clients. We will put all our efforts, manpower, and experience into fighting for you!
We do not let blatant acts of negligence or carelessness go unanswered. By investigating your claim thoroughly and intensively, we can uncover liable parties that have contributed to your injuries. From negligent employers to careless industrial product manufacturers, we are not afraid to go up against major corporate entities and demand the justice you deserve.

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If you or a family member suffered serious injuries in an oil field accident near El Paso or anywhere in Texas you need the right legal guidance right away. The same is true if your family sustained a tragic loss due to a fatal oil field or offshore accident. You want the right law firm on your side that knows how to seek full justice for your losses. You want a El Paso oil field accident lawyer from Rose Sanders Law Firm.

Our law firm represents clients across Texas, including in and around Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, McAllen, San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, Corpus Christi, El Paso. We know the protections of injury victims under the law, and we stand up to oil companies and other parties to protect all of our clients’ rights.

Our legal team holds negligent parties who cause injuries fully accountable for all the harm they cause. We bring all of our resources to the table to fight against major corporations, and we do not stop until our clients receive the justice they need and deserve.

After an oil field injury due to explosions or other accidents, do not delay in seeking help from Rose Sanders Law.

Can you Afford An Oil Field Injury Lawyer In El Paso?

Another common concern among injured accident victims is how they will afford to pay high legal fees for representation. As you face your medical bills and other financial stress, you might naturally wonder if you can afford to hire an oilfield injury attorney in the McAllen area.
Many people assume that we charge expensive hourly fees since that is a common practice among law firms for many cases. The good news is that our firm does not charge fees this way for our injured clients.

Instead, we take oil and gas injury cases on a contingency fee basis.

This means:

You receive a completely free consultation and case evaluation to determine whether you have a viable claim.
If we take your case (and you decide to hire us), you pay nothing upfront for our legal services.
Our law firm can front the costs of your claim, including investigative expenses, court fees, and more, while your case is pending.
If we are unsuccessful in recovering compensation for you, we charge no payment from you.
If we obtain a settlement or award for your losses, our fees come directly from your payment, so you never have to come up with any funds out of pocket.
We make sure our clients fully understand how much of their settlement or award we will receive for fees and expenses, so there are no surprises. Our Houston oil field injury lawyers know that suffering an oil field injury is difficult enough, and the last thing you need is additional financial stress. We are ready to help, so please reach out for your no-cost consultation as soon as possible.

Why Oil Field Accidents Happen

Texas has long been famous for its vast oil and gas resources, and many people throughout the state find success working in this industry. With new finds in the Permian Basin and elsewhere, the industry has rapidly expanded operations. With this new activity in the oil fields comes increased risks for oil field workers.

Oil field accidents often happen due to:
Inadequately trained workers
Carbon monoxide poisoning from unaddressed leaks
Oil field fracking injuries
Explosions and chemical fires
Exposure to sulfur hydroxide fumes
Fatigue or dangerous exposure due to lack of proper rest periods or long shift hours
Oil field, pipeline, and refinery fires
Improperly maintained drills and exploration equipment or defective machinery
Inadequate safeguards at drilling sites and refinery facilities
Negligent drivers in and around the oil and gas fields
Lack of safety regulations or emergency protocol
Trench collapses
Truck drivers who make negligent errors in oil fields

Every Oil Field Worker Deserves Justice

With the industry expanding so rapidly, it creates a much greater risk of mistakes and negligence by oil companies and others working at the site or offshore.

If you suffered harm in the Texas oil fields, Rose Sanders Law will seek maximum compensation for you. We represent oil and gas workers in the Permian Basin, Barnett Shale, the Eagle Ford Shale, the Haynesville Shale, and other locations in Texas.

No matter where your accident and injury happened, we know how to investigate the incident to identify liability. This best allows us to seek full compensation for all of your oil field and offshore injuries and losses from the liable parties we identify.

For instance, in the event of an oil rig explosion, industry professionals, Coast Guard officials, and other parties should begin investigating the cause of the explosion immediately. If you suffered injuries in the explosion, you need an experienced legal professional protecting your rights and conducting an investigation on your behalf.
While you might believe you can trust the oil company to produce accurate investigation results, always remember that the oil company aims to protect its profits, which means avoiding liability. These companies have insurers and legal teams representing them following an accident, and these professionals are ready to help avoid liability whenever possible. They have resources to avoid payouts to injury victims, and you need resources of your own in the form of a Houston oil rig accident lawyer.

To hold an oil company accountable for explosions and resulting injuries, you must establish negligence on the part of another party, such as the captain or company that ignored safety protocols. Sometimes, you should hold the manufacturer of defective equipment liable for an explosion or oil rig accident, but proving defective manufacturing is a highly technical and complex task.

Anyone injured in any capacity in an oil-related accident needs a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of the industry.
At the Rose Sanders Law Firm, we know:
The different players in the oil and gas industry that might be negligent
How to identify defective equipment
The many different possible causes of accidents and injuries
We have a network of experts ready to investigate accidents and help to prove the cause of your injuries.
Due to the emphasis on profit, many workers and crew members are put to work quickly in high-stress situations with little to no industry training. Though safety protocols should prevent injury or wrongful death at work, these precautions are essentially useless if employers or product manufacturers act negligently and risk the lives of innocent workers.

At Rose Sanders Law, our mission is to help victims of corporate negligence get justice and full compensation for their losses. We are relentless warriors for truth.

Types Of Oil Field And Offshore Accidents

We help clients after all types of oil field and offshore accidents, and the following are only some examples of how our clients suffered injuries.

1. Oil Field Fire and Offshore Accidents

Due to the emphasis on profit, many workers and crew members are put to work quickly in high-stress situations with little to no industry training. Though safety protocols should prevent injury or wrongful death at work, these precautions are essentially useless if employers or product manufacturers act negligently and risk the lives of innocent workers.
At Rose Sanders Injury Law Firm, our mission is to help victims of corporate negligence get justice and full compensation for their losses. We are relentless warriors for truth.

2. Tugboat or Barge Crashes

Hundreds of barges move around the Gulf and other waters, pulled by tugs while carrying significant oil-related cargo and equipment. When a barge or tugboat accident occurs, including collisions with other watercraft or hitting underwater obstacles, anyone on deck or in the vicinity can suffer injuries. This can include pilots, captains, mates, deckhands, tankermen, and others who help keep our economy going by working on oil watercraft.

3. Malfunctioning or Falling Equipment

Many types of equipment are necessary to keep the oil industry going, and each job requires the use of specialized equipment and tools. When companies manufacture defective equipment or fail to properly inspect or maintain equipment, malfunctions and failures can happen. This can lead to serious accidents and injuries to those operating the equipment or nearby.

Sometimes, equipment accidents happen due to the negligence of the manufacturer or company supplying the equipment. In other cases, an employer might provide inappropriate equipment for the job or fail to maintain the equipment, leading to liability.

4. Chemical Exposure

The oil industry involves working with many hazardous materials, and inhaling or otherwise coming into contact with toxic chemicals can result in severe and lasting injuries and health issues.

Not every oil company takes proper precautions and provides the necessary safety equipment to workers when they might suffer chemical exposure, and this can cause burns, respiratory problems, and more. In addition, companies might manufacture faulty safety equipment, which can also lead to preventable chemical exposure.

5. Inadequate Safety Training

If you work on an oil field or offshore job site, you need the proper safety precautions and training to avoid accidents and injuries. Some injuries happen because workers do not receive training on certain equipment or tasks or employers fail to enforce proper safety policies and measures.

6. Falling Objects

When you work on an oil rig, crane barge, drillship, or any type of vessel with multiple levels, there might be objects that fall from upper levels onto workers below. Workers may not have properly secured support structures or machinery, so it might break off and fall, causing traumatic injuries.

7. Slip and Falls

Many conditions can cause an oil worker to slip and fall including slippery surfaces from bad weather or chemicals, tools or debris left out, and more. Falls can also occur because of unsafe equipment and inadequate handrails or safety mechanisms.

Workers might slip and fall on level ground, or they might fall from a high place, such as:
Upper decks of vessels
No matter where a fall happens, traumatic injuries can result.

8. Exposure

Working in an oil field or on an oil rig can expose workers to many different weather conditions. Offshore workers might endure high and low temperatures, which can both cause serious health issues. Heatstroke, dehydration, and exhaustion can cause problems if workers do not get proper shelter and breaks in extreme heat. On the other hand, falling overboard or otherwise experiencing exposure to freezing water temperatures can result in hypothermia.

9. Truck Accidents

The oil industry relies heavily on truck drivers to work long hours with heavy and often hazardous loads. These truck drivers might have to traverse dangerous roadways to deliver their loads, and truck crashes are all too common. Sometimes, the truck driver suffers injuries in a crash, while in other accidents, the trucker injures other motorists.

With the oil industry continuing to boom, it is more important than ever for oil truck drivers to follow all necessary safety regulations and policies. However, oil companies seek ways to best profit from the industry growth, and this can involve cutting corners when it comes to safety.
Because oil truck drivers are not subject to the usual hours of service regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), companies often push drivers to work for too long, causing overly tired drivers to make deadly mistakes.

Some oil companies might fail to maintain trucks in working order, or they might push drivers to repeatedly use roads not suitable for heavy industrial vehicles. Whatever causes an oil truck accident, the results can be life-altering for victims, including oil truck drivers.

Finding The Right Lawyer For The Job

To find the right lawyer for an oilfield accident case, you need to search for a law firm with the resources and experience to handle this unique type of injury case. The right attorney will know how to deal with workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits against third-party individuals and companies. They should have a proven track record of success in this area.

At The Rose Sanders Law Firm, we have the investigative resources necessary to handle the complex process of evidence gathering and proving fault in oilfield accidents. Whether your injuries are from an explosion or a defective piece of equipment, our resources allow us to conduct thorough investigations to determine the root cause of the accident.

The right lawyers for the job will determine exactly how much compensation your claim is potentially worth and pursue that as their goal, working to succeed through initial claim settlement or a court verdict. Your lawyer should review every aspect of your injury, including how it happened, who was at fault, and how much it will cost for your treatment and recovery. With the proper lawyer’s advice and representation, you can get the money you need to pay for recovery and life expenses resulting from your injuries. Look no further than The Rose Sanders Law Firm for help with your oilfield injury claim.

How Our El Paso Texas Oil Field Accident Lawyers Can Help You

When oilfield workers suffer harm in serious accidents, they can obtain financial compensation to help alleviate some of the financial burdens they face. In many cases, the injured victims feel pressure from insurance companies to accept minimal settlement offers for their injuries and losses.

Rather than accepting these lowball offers or insufficient financial settlements, the injured worker must contact a skilled and experienced oilfield accident attorney in Houston Dallas or McAllen Texas as soon as possible. Doing so can protect your legal rights and avoid a settlement for much less than you deserve.

The following are only some of the many ways the right oilfield injury attorney can help during the insurance process:

Determine whether there are different sources of liability, such as third-party negligence claims
Calculate your damages
Communicate and negotiate with third-party insurers to get the highest possible settlement offer
Although most cases settle before litigation, if the insurance companies involved refuse to offer a fair amount, you will need a lawyer to escalate the matter. This might involve appealing the matter to the Texas Workers’ Compensation Appeals Panel or filing a lawsuit against a third-party defendant in civil court. Our practice focuses on pursuing actions against third-party defendants.

These are situations that The Rose Sanders Law Firm handles regularly and achieves successful outcomes for our clients. After a serious oilfield injury, the last thing you need to do is navigate the insurance or legal process. The process is already complicated for legal professionals, and it can be extremely frustrating and difficult for injured individuals with little to no experience with injury claims.

In addition, having legal representation regularly results in higher benefits or settlements for injury victims. The insurance companies know that unrepresented claimants will often accept much less than they deserve, and they feel no obligation to fully compensate claims. Once you have an attorney in your corner, the insurance adjuster will likely take you and your claim much more seriously. They know that they can no longer trick you into settling for less than you deserve, and this is only one of many ways that the right oilfield attorney can assist you.

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