February 7, 2023

Fao Houston

Fao HTX in Houston's Midtown

Fao HTX is a retro speakeasy atop an office building in Midtown, but it's not just for the faint of heart. To get into the bar, you'll need to figure out a numerical code hidden in their Instagram bio (or use your smartphone's GPS function). Fao Houston

Featuring a massive 6,500 square feet of entertainment and lounge space, the bar features classic arcade games like Pacman Battle Royal and Terminator Salvation rig, along with table games aplenty, including Houston Rockets-themed hoops and a boxing challenge that isn’t just for fighters. There’s also a top-notch cocktail menu, from a handcrafted gin and tonic to a tiki-inspired concoction that will have you looking for your next drink.

Most impressively, fao HTX boasts one of the city’s best views, atop a glass cube that allows you to enjoy the skyline from a different perspective. It's a great place to watch the sunset, and a well-crafted cocktail is an ideal way to toast the night away.

Best of all, fao HTX is owned by three seasoned Houston bartenders who love to party. Bronson Gutierez, Mike Leitner, and Adonis Graham have come together to bring a slick new spot to Midtown that's sure to re-ignite the flame.

It’s the brainchild of Adonis Graham, who has worked in Houston’s bar industry for more than a decade. He’s teamed up with Bronson Gutierez and Mike Leitner to open FAO, an interactive bar that offers a fun mix of old-school arcade and modern-day gaming options with the best drinks, cocktails, and a view of the city from a unique vantage point.

fao HTX will be opening for business on February 26-28, but it's not too early to start saving *0317 into your phone's calendar for an unbeatable party experience.