February 3, 2023

Flea Market Houston

Flea Market Houston

Flea Market Houston is one of the best places to shop for bargains and vintage items. These markets are the perfect places to find great deals on everything from vintage clothing and furniture to records, toys, and household goods. They are also an enjoyable way to spend your time, especially if you enjoy browsing through all of the different vendors and finding unique treasures. Flea Market Houston

A Houston flea market is a fun place to go with the whole family. There are tons of activities and entertainment for kids, including clown shows, train rides, pony rides, and more! You can even pick up some street food and have a delicious meal!

Cheng's Flea Market on the North End

This small-but-mighty flea market on the north side of Houston is an ideal spot to browse through a selection of open-air vendors and scope out the latest fashion, small electronics, tools, or housewares. It's an affordable option and there are plenty of parking spots, too.

Traders Village

Since 1989, Traders Village has been home to over 2,000 vendors spaced out across 105 acres. This is the largest flea market in Texas, and it's a bargain hunter's dream.

The market is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm, and parking costs $5. The market also hosts events throughout the year, so be sure to check out their calendar before you head down!

Armadillo Flea Market Mall

Located off I-45, this Houston flea market mall is a perfect place to get some shopping done while you are in the area. The mall is easy to navigate and there are lots of sellers to choose from. You can find discounted electronics, jewelry, and cosmetics here. There are also several food trucks to try while you are here. You can stop by the Retro-themed Burger Barn or BT's BBQ for some great food before heading back to your hotel.

Hip Hop Vintage

If you're looking for something a bit more funky, hip, or even a little kitschy, this Houston flea market is the place to go! The market is home to over 40 vendors selling everything from old-school shirts to vinyl records. The market is located in Resa's neighborhood and has a definite "hip" vibe to it.

This flea market is the newest addition to the Silver Street Studios in Houston and is full of cool stuff to explore, from memorabilia and handcrafted jewelry to local food vendors and more. It's an excellent choice for a day out with the whole family, and it's often free to enter.

Flea by Night at Discovery Green

For ten years, Flea by Night has been helping Houstonians shop locally and discover local artisans and small business owners in a vibrant green space in the heart of downtown. The event is supported by Green Mountain Energy and helps Houstonians get an early start on their weekend shopping.

Unlike other Houston flea markets, this one is more than just a bunch of vendors with old clothes. The market is a true community affair, with local artists and creatives selling their work to the public.

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