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Gallery Furniture in Houston Is Back in Business After Hurricane Harvey

Gallery Furniture has been around for a number of years. In fact, its Grand Parkway store is the third largest in the Houston metropolitan area. The company has been known to donate a lot of its time and money to good causes and charities. It has even provided support for the National OCF conference and the Houston Livestock Show. Gallery Furniture Houston

Gallery Furniture has three locations in the Houston area. The Grand Parkway location is the most popular and features 165,000 square feet of space. One of the largest in town, the store carries a wide range of furniture and home decor products. The store also offers classes for adults and children of all ages. Classes include free daycare and a high school, as well as a skills trade learning center.

There's no denying that the Gallery Furniture Store is the premier furniture experience in the Houston area. In fact, its reputation is such that it was a popular subject in the media in the past week or two. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the store opened up its doors to people who needed a place to stay, a la Airbnb. Of course, that was before the fire.

Fortunately, the aforementioned fire didn't burn down the warehouse, but the damage was significant. A full inventory was destroyed, and $20 million worth of goods were lost. Thankfully, the store's owner, Jim McIngvale, decided to make things better. Besides offering up food and shelter, the store also donated a bunch of household cleaning supplies. Some of that stuff can't be bought on the black market, so the folks at Gallery Furniture made sure to provide those items.

While the fire did not completely ravage the furniture store, it did obliterate a significant amount of the gallery's most prized possessions. The store's boss, Mack, announced that the company had a few ideas up its sleeve to help out the people displaced by the hurricane. He said the store's big moving truck would be used to help relocate some of the city's residents. Among other things, the store offered to sell them furniture at a discount later in the year.

During the fire, the Gallery Furniture Store took in hundreds of people over the course of three days. That was a feat in and of itself. The Gallery Furniture store was not only a landmark for the city, but it had the requisite bling for a retail establishment. They even put up a Star Wars-themed movie room.

One of the best parts about Gallery Furniture is that they are actually a family-run business. Linda and Mack are a couple with many business ventures, including the Salvation Army. Their family includes several grandchildren. And although their biggest contribution to the community is the furniture, they have helped to furnish USO facilities across the globe.

Gallery Furniture is one of the most innovative companies in the country, and its efforts in the name of the Houston community are impressive. Hopefully, the Gallery Furniture store will continue to make a positive impact on the people of Texas and their families.