January 27, 2023

Good Dog Houston

Good Dog in Houston

Located in the Heights on Studewood, Good Dog is a venerable institution. They started out as a food truck and expanded their operations to a brick-and-mortar location last fall. For a while, they had a 15 percent discount for residents of their three zip codes. Their illustrious owners have a knack for serving up the best of the beefy variety. Among the perks is an in-house baker that makes the smokiest of the smokie buns and a large selection of Texas craft beers. Good Dog Houston

One of their most popular offerings is their signature Gulf fish and chips, accompanied by an array of crafty beverages. The list of beers and wines is a whopping 365. The menu also boasts a number of wacky items not found on your average Houston lunch table. A visit to the newest incarnation of the Good Dog empire is an absolute pleasure. The latest addition has a well-laid-out kitchen and seating area. To keep the good times rolling, Good Dog has enlisted the help of a slew of talented chefs. In addition to a slew of new offerings, the kitchen is also undergoing an overhaul to streamline the process.

Good Dog's got the old-fashioned grub in their arsenal, but the company has a serious penchant for service and quality. With an eye toward customer satisfaction, the owners of Good Dog have made a point of using the best of the best ingredients for every batch they make. On top of their extensive a la carte menu, they offer small but tasty smoky bacon and sausage specials in the early morning and late night hours. Moreover, the latest installment of the Good Dog empire is slated to make the jump to a full-service restaurant, if it proves to be as popular as the mobile aficionados. So if you are in the market for a new shack, you might want to make the trek uptown before the storm erupts. Considering how close Good Dog is to The Heights, you might want to consider making the trip. Fortunately, Good Dog has you covered with a few locations across the city.