Herniated Disc in Neck Settlement

herniated disc in neck settlement

Whether or not you're eligible for a herniated disk in neck settlement depends on the circumstances surrounding your case. If your condition was a result of a slip and fall, the insurance company may argue that your fall wasn't severe enough to cause the problem. Fortunately, Georgia's comparative negligence law allows you to recover compensation, with the amount of your recovery based on how much fault you held for the incident.

The settlement for a herniated disc in the neck is typically higher than that for a single herniation. However, the amount of compensation you receive will depend on the severity of your condition, how long you've been dealing with pain, and the extent of the damage to your body. In some cases, more than one herniated disc can occur in the same location, causing pain in several areas and a high level of disability. Because multiple vertebrae control different areas of the body, a single injury to all three can significantly impact a person's function and aggravate pain.

While herniated discs can occur from a variety of sources, the most common cause is a car accident, such as a minor vehicle accident. The severity of the damage can range from minor to severe, but the most common cause is a herniated disc. When an accident is the result of an underlying condition, the insurance company may argue that the person is exaggerating his or her injury to maximize compensation.

If x-rays aren't effective, the best treatment for a herniated disc is to limit your activity. If you can't stop suffering from pain, your doctor may prescribe medications and prescribe rest. In some cases, patients can limit their activities or stop doing them altogether. In addition, you should avoid any activities that put undue pressure on the disc, such as standing for long periods of time or sitting for extended periods of time.

State Farm takes herniated disc cases seriously. In fact, they follow strict medical evaluation rules. To ensure that the case is properly evaluated, State Farm will only accept medical opinions from doctors who hold the same credentials as the person with whom they insured. As a result, the amount of compensation that a herniated disc in neck settlement can receive is often higher than a case without surgery. But a more complicated case will be harder to settle without a lawsuit.

Herniated disc injuries can be extremely painful. Sometimes, the damage is so severe that it causes paralysis, loss of bowel or bladder functions, or even death. As a result, insurance companies tend to minimize the pain and suffering that patients face when a herniated disc occurs. Fortunately, Law has experience handling herniated disc cases and winning substantial amounts on behalf of injured plaintiffs.

A herniated disc settlement is unique in that each car accident is different, so the amount you receive will depend on a variety of factors. You should remember that proving fault is essential when trying to collect damages for a herniated disc. However, if you're partially at fault, the amount of compensation that you receive will be lower than you might expect. In any event, your attorney will advise you on the medical treatment that will ensure your recovery.