January 19, 2023

House Of Blues Houston

House of Blues Houston Offers Four Distinctive Event Locations

House of Blues Houston is a unique event venue located in downtown Houston, TX. The venue offers several amenities to accommodate all types of events, including weddings and private parties. Aside from the full restaurant and bar inside, the venue also offers four distinctive event locations. Each location features a different set of amenities. House Of Blues Houston

Among the highlights of the venue is the multi-level Music Hall. This room offers flexible lounge seating configurations, a built-in stage, and state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. In addition to this, House of Blues Houston offers a small, elegantly designed private event room. Additionally, this venue provides four bars, including a large bar with a state-of-the-art sound system.

Another feature of the venue is its onsite retail shop. This retail store stocks a variety of souvenirs and other gifts. It also carries original folk art.

House of Blues Houston is a great place for corporate events. For example, you can arrange a reception in the VIP Foundation Room, which features a full bar and flexible lounge seating configurations. Besides that, the venue also hosts national and local live entertainment.

The venue's other notable amenities include wireless Internet and in-house catering. You can also arrange for a photo booth. Besides that, the venue's wedding specialists are talented and will take care of all of the details. Whether you're planning an intimate ceremony or a grand wedding, the House of Blues will take care of everything from centerpieces to flower arrangements.

Of course, no visit to the House of Blues is complete without sampling its signature cuisine. You can try the Voodoo Shrimp with Rosemary Cornbread or the White Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding. However, you can also enjoy traditional Southern dishes like jambalaya and po'boys.

The venue also boasts the Bronze Peacock Room, which features ornately painted walls and a lighted stage. Moreover, the company's Company Store stocks clothing and other unique items.

If you're interested in seeing some of the world's best live performers, the House of Blues is a good option. In fact, this Houston, TX venue has hosted the Molly Ringwalds, Daniel Seavey, That Arena Rock Show, and more. With its state-of-the-art staging and sound, it's easy to see why this location has become one of the top live music venues in the country.

House of Blues Houston is ADA-compliant, making it accessible for those with mobility issues. In addition, it has elevator access to all floors. As for transportation, House of Blues Houston is close to public transportation, including Metro Buses 82 and 214. Finally, the venue also provides a number of paid parking lots. To get the most out of your visit, consult the seating chart below. Depending on the event, you might pay between $72 and $120 for a ticket.

Lastly, the House of Blues Houston also boasts an impressive 43,000 square feet of flexible event space. So whether you're looking to plan a wedding, a cocktail party, or a corporate event, you can count on this venue's world-class hospitality.

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