Houston Allergy Report

The Houston Allergy Report

The Houston allergy report is an annual publication of the Houston Health Department that measures a wide range of allergens and other environmental factors that can impact your daily life. The report is a great resource for residents looking to avoid allergens, as well as those who already suffer from allergies. Houston Allergy Report

The best thing about the Houston allergy report is that it's available for free! Simply enter your zip code and you'll receive a list of the most relevant allergens for your area.

For the most part, tree pollen and grass pollen are the main culprits, but the Houston allergy report also includes mold spores that are known to trigger flare-ups of asthma and sinus symptoms. The Houston allergy report also measures other types of airborne allergens such as dust and dander.

Houston allergy report has been around for over 100 years and is a popular resource for Houstonians seeking relief from the irritating symptoms that come with springtime allergens. The Houston allergy report is an excellent tool to help people make informed decisions about what outdoor activities are the most beneficial for their well-being.

One of the most effective ways to reduce your exposure to pollen is to limit your time outside, especially during high-count times. It's also a good idea to shower after spending time outside, as this will remove any pollen that may have been carried in by the wind.

A great way to track Houston allergy report trends is through the use of an automated pollen counting machine such as KXAN's newest innovation, PollenSense. This technology counts pollen every minute and uses artificial intelligence to identify which allergens are in the air, making it a more accurate indicator of the true pollen count.