January 25, 2023

Houston Astros News

Houston Astros News

If you're a fan of the Houston Astros, you know they've reached major prominence in the past few years. This year, they're the favorites to win another World Series. And if they do, they'll be looking for their fourth consecutive pennant. However, they're far from the only team to have been mentioned in the discussion. Houston Astros News

The Astros' front office has been working on a new general manager for several months. Owner Jim Crane is currently interviewing candidates for the position. It's a good sign that they're interested in bringing in a new leader.

Several players have been linked to the Astros as potential free agents in the coming years. One of the players to be a major target for the club is Yuli Gurriel. He's an above-average hitter and has experience in the Major Leagues. Another option for the Astros could be Martin Maldonado, who could help as a catcher.

Another player to be considered is Roberto Perez. His ability to hit will be important for the Astros. He's also said to have an excellent track record.

As of right now, the Astros' starting pitching is led by Chris Sampson, Chacon, and Carlos Correa. They're also hoping to add a young catcher. Their farm system is depleted. But they have nine international free agents on their roster.

Several players in the Astros' system were selected as MLB's top 30 international signings in 2023. Three are considered among the top three free agents of the future.

Other key additions to the Astros' roster in 2012 include Darin Erstad and Juan Gutierrez. These players were added in order to fill out a starting rotation that included Roy Oswalt and Brandon Backe.

The Astros signed a couple of international free agents, but the team is still searching for their first general manager. According to Sports Illustrated, Astros owner Jim Crane is looking for candidates to fill the position.

The Astros played their first game in the American League on March 31. They also made their first playoff appearance in 1980. That season, they lost to the Atlanta Braves. When the Astros did make the playoffs, they won a second-half surge and finished the season 61-49.

After the 2012 season, the Astros moved to Comcast SportsNet Houston. However, the move was unpopular with fans. Because of the team's financial struggles, the owners wanted to sell the team. At the time, Ford Motor Credit Company was the team's main owner. In the end, the city of Houston responded positively.

While the Astros did reach a level of prominence in the 1990s, the team struggled in 2010 and 2011. The club went 61-49 overall and missed the playoffs. A year later, the Astros were back in the playoffs but lost in the Divisional Series to the Chicago White Sox.

Despite their early struggles, the Astros have a chance to make a strong run at the World Series. They have some top prospects, including Carlos Gomez, Carlos Correa, and Yuli Gurriel.

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