January 26, 2023

Houston Ballet

Houston Ballet

Houston Ballet is one of the world's leading ballet companies. It offers a diverse repertoire of classic works, new ballets, and world premieres. The company's mission is to inspire appreciation for the arts and dance through performances. It is also dedicated to promoting dance, particularly among youth. Houston Ballet

Houston Ballet has a professional company with 59 dancers who perform more than 85 shows per year. Their season lineup includes full-length classical ballets and contemporary works by world-renowned artists. In addition to its professional productions, the company performs for underserved children in Houston.

Houston Ballet is the fifth-largest ballet company in the US. Its budget is $33 million, with its endowment reaching more than $79 million as of August 2018. This company has been in existence for over fifty years, with the first group of fifteen young dancers being recruited in 1969. They made their stage debut at Sam Houston State Teacher's College in Huntsville.

Since the foundation was established, the company has developed a strong reputation for its high quality of artistic direction and professionalism. Many of its dancers have won major accolades in the dance world. Lauren Anderson was the company's first African-American principal. Carlos Acosta was also recognized as a talented and charismatic dancer.

Stanton Welch AM, an Australian choreographer, has served as Artistic Director of Houston Ballet since 2003. He has brought the company to a new level of technique and classical style. He has commissioned works from leading dance makers, including Jiri Kylian, Trey McIntyre, William Forsythe, and Gillian Lynne. These works have been accompanied by world-class choreography.

Houston Ballet is a wonderful company to watch, whether you are a first-time viewer or a seasoned dance enthusiast. The organization encourages participation in dance by offering superb educational programs and social activities. As a result, the company has achieved international acclaim.

Houston Ballet's mission is to create a community where everyone can enjoy the arts. It provides an array of programs, including the Education and Community Engagement Program, which reaches more than 60,000 people annually. Additionally, volunteers are encouraged to attend live performances and get a closer look at the workings of a ballet.

The Academy of Houston Ballet is a renowned training program. Students from across the country and the world are invited to take part in the Summer Intensive Program. This program culminates in fully-staged performances. Approximately 50% of the current company is trained by the Academy. Several students have won awards at prestigious international ballet competitions.

Houston Ballet is a great company to watch, and the organization makes every effort to reach its local audience. Its programs and events are designed to bring joy and satisfaction to everyone who participates. By presenting excellent performances, the company hopes to encourage a lifetime love of the art of dance.

Houston Ballet has an extensive social media presence. Hundreds of fans and supporters follow the company on Facebook and Twitter. Having a strong online presence also helps Houston Ballet in its quest to reach a wider audience.

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