Houston Children's Museum

 The Children's Museum of Houston is America's Premier Children's Museum

The Children's Museum of Houston, located in Houston, Texas, is America's premier children's museum. Founded in 1980, this organization serves over one million people every year. Its building was designed by internationally-acclaimed architect Robert Venturi. Houston Children's Museum

Visitors to the museum can experience an array of fun activities. They can play games, try out different experiments, and engage in hands-on learning experiences. Membership also allows you to enjoy discounts on special events and exhibits. For those who are unable to afford a membership, the museum offers a variety of options, including the free entry on Thursdays from 5 to 8 p.m. (though it is sometimes overcrowded).

Visitors can also take advantage of Tot Spot, a play and learning area for kids under three years old. This secure, enclosed space is ideal for toddlers and babies. It features developmentally appropriate toys, tunnels to crawl through, and padded areas to climb.

Another popular area of the museum is Kidtropolis, a simulated city that lets kids run businesses and hold positions in the government. There is also a biotech lab where children can test the stamina and DNA of plants. Other attractions include the Challenge Course assault course and an outdoor water play area.

Children's Museum of Houston also provides bilingual learning programs for children from birth through age twelve. Their calendar of events includes birthday parties and other family-friendly activities. You can learn about their programs by visiting their website. Some activities are offered on a regular basis, while others are seasonal. Kids can participate in the Invention Convention, where they can create their own gadgets and test them out with actual scientists.

The Children's Museum of Houston is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and is usually very crowded on weekends and holidays. While the museum is primarily for children, adults are welcome. However, you should remove your shoes before entering the museum.

The Children's Museum of Houston's admission costs is reasonable. Depending on the number of family members, a yearly membership costs between $120 and $240. These prices include access to the museum for as long as you like and unlimited trips inside. Memberships for adults are also available. Unlike many museums, the Children's Museum of Houston does not charge additional fees for seniors, military personnel, or children under the age of two.

Visitors can also check out the Houston Zoo, which is the second-largest zoological park in the United States. Over 900 species of animals live here. Located just east of the Museum District, it's easy to get here by car or the metro rail line.

The Children's Museum of Houston features various indoor and outdoor exhibits. The Lone Star Flight Museum is new to the city, and it features a hang glider simulator. Also, the FlowWorks, SciencePort, and Biotech Lab explore science, natural science, and technology, respectively. Each exhibit encourages kids to think, learn, and play.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Children's Museum of Houston relies on private contributions to continue its mission of transforming communities through innovative learning.