February 3, 2023

Houston City Pass

Houston City Pass - Flexibility, Streamlined Entry, and Bonus Perks

Houston City Pass is a great option for those visiting the city and looking to save on their sightseeing costs. It offers admission to five of the most popular attractions in the area at a discounted price. The savings are substantial and can cut your sightseeing costs in half! Houston City Pass

The best part about a Houston City Pass is that it gives you a lot of flexibility. You can visit the attractions in any order you choose as long as they're within your nine-day ticket booklet limit. This is especially helpful if you're planning to spend several days in the area and want to spread out your visits.

There are also a few bonus perks that come with the pass that you might not expect, like 10% off purchases at SpaceTrader or Gift Station at Space Center Houston and discounts on rides and games at the Downtown Aquarium. These extra perks are not quite as well-known as the discounted entrance fees but they're definitely worth taking advantage of!


If you're planning a multi-day trip to Houston, you'll be glad to know that the CityPASS lets you visit all of the attractions in any order. That's unlike other passes you might come across, which require that you start using them on your first day in the area.

Once you purchase your tickets online, they're emailed to you and can be used with a smartphone app or printed out for scanning at the entrance of each attraction. It's a convenient way to save time and avoid the hassle of carrying around a hard copy of your tickets.

You can buy the pass at a variety of outlets, but you're best off going with the official CityPASS website. They're priced lower than other outlets and are backed by a solid warranty.

The tickets are valid for 9 days and are good for use at any of the five attractions within your pass's validity period. Once you've activated your pass, it's important to remember to show it at each of the attractions in your pass's itinerary.

Streamlined Entry

Once your Houston City Pass tickets have been activated, you'll need to show them at the entrance of each of the five attractions in your pass's itinerary. Most of the attractions offer fast lanes for CityPASS holders, so you can skip waiting in lines to get into them.

One of the best parts about a Houston City Pass is that it can be used for free with children 12 and under. This is a great deal for family vacations!

Another advantage of a Houston City Pass is that it's easy to use. Whether you're buying a gift certificate or a voucher for yourself, just show it to the pros at each of the attractions. They'll date stamp the outside cover of your ticket booklet and tear out your tickets for you.

You can buy a Houston City Pass in person or online at the CityPASS website, though you'll need to have it with you when you go to use it for the first time. You can also buy the pass as a gift, but note that once it's activated, it's non-transferable.

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