Houston Forecast

Houston Forecast - A Look at the Next Week

The next Houston weather forecast will feature a chance for showers on Monday and Tuesday. This will be followed by partly sunny skies on Wednesday, and Thursday will be a dry day. On Saturday and Sunday, the weather will be cooler. However, it will be in the 70s. It will be sunny and breezy on Wednesday. Houston Forecast

After a cold and rainy November, the warm front is on its way to the Gulf Coast. This will bring moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, which will help open up the skies over Houston. This will create a slight chance of showers on Saturday, but the weather is expected to get better over the weekend.

A new storm system will move into the region on Tuesday and will bring another chance for rain. This system has the potential to produce locally heavy rainfall. While the probability of a thunderstorm may be low, a stronger cold front will move in on Thursday and could be capable of producing thunderstorms.

Weather forecasters are expecting to have a dry day on Friday, with a high of 90 degrees. Winds will be from the northwest at 15 to 20 mph. However, a slight easterly wind will accompany the storm. The overnight low will be in the upper 40s. During the morning, the wind will be light.

There is a chance for a cloudy morning on Friday, but the skies will be mainly clear. The weather will be very mild on Saturday. This is a day that you may want to spend indoors. Highs will be in the mid-70s. However, the weather will be slightly warmer in the coastal areas. You will not want to head out into the sun on Saturday.

Despite a chilly start on Sunday, the weather in Houston will be much more pleasant. Lows will be in the mid to upper 40s. Sun will be out on Sunday, but the sky will be largely cloudy. Temps are expected to climb back to the 70s on Monday.

Another storm system is on its way into the area and will bring clouds on Tuesday. Rain chances will increase, and will be possible during the afternoon. The rain will taper off, as dry air pushes through Southeast Texas. But there is a possibility for some localized heavy rains, especially in the afternoon.

Coastal areas will experience a healthy chance of light showers. During the afternoon, the temperature will drop a few degrees. Fortunately, temperatures will rise again on Sunday. Nonetheless, the cooler temperatures will last a few days.

Houston weather is characterized by a variety of rainfall throughout the year. The drier part of the year runs from September 20 to May 15. For the remainder of the year, the rainy months tend to be January, February, and March.

Spring is a very wet time of year in Houston, and there is a chance for thunderstorms. These are usually the result of sea breeze showers or the Texas Monsoon. Often, these will include spectacular lightning shows.