Houston Garden Centers

Houston Garden Centers

Houston Garden Centers is one of the largest retailers of plants and gardening supplies in the United States. With several stores across the Houston area, they offer a wide variety of products. Their extensive selection includes outdoor trees, flowers, shrubs, grasses, soil, mulch, and other gardening supplies. They also provide gardening services and offer free consultations. Customers can order online, or they can visit a store to find what they need. In addition to their retail locations, they also run ads in the Houston Chronicle. You can get a 20% discount on your purchase with a rebate coupon. houston garden center

Although they have a wide range of offerings, there are other local gardening centers in the Houston area that have their own unique features and specialties. A local garden center like Cornelius Nursery, for instance, offers a large number of unusual plants and colors. They also carry a small selection of home decor, including colorful pottery. Besides a great selection of flowers, plants, and bulbs, Cornelius Nursery is reasonably priced.

Another place to shop for plants is Warren's Southern Gardens. This family-owned business specializes in rare and native plants. They also offer landscape design-build and tree services. Some of the plants they sell include tropicals, succulents, and gourds. During the fall and winter months, they often hold sales.

Another locally owned and operated plant and garden center is Maas Nursery. This 8-acre garden center has a wide selection of annuals, ground cover, trees, and shrubs. Additionally, they have a multi-tiered fountain.

RCW Nurseries is another Houston-area plant nursery that specializes in native plants. Their plant offerings include hundreds of varieties of roses, bushes, and trees. The staff can give you tips for proper rose care, and the facility has a large habitat for rescued birds. Also, they are currently preparing for their annual Fall Harvest Family Day.

The Fall Event is a yearly celebration of the garden center industry. It provides garden center owners and IGCs with an opportunity to showcase their plants and ideas. At the event, attendees can tour five independent garden centers. Most of the attendees were garden center owners, but there were a few other people.

One of the most intriguing features at Arbor Gate is its constantly changing assortment of items. This includes artisan-created decorative pieces. Other plant-related features include a potting station between the indoor and outdoor portions of the property. Located in the temporary building, staff members can answer questions about gardeners' needs and answer other questions about gardening and pest control.

The Gardener Rewards Program gives customers the chance to earn points for purchases and receive invitations to exclusive events. These points can be used to buy future plants, mulch, and other products.

While Houston Garden Centers is a popular company, they have some flaws. Customer service can be a problem. Sometimes, the employees are not very attentive and they are not knowledgeable about the merchandise. There are also complaints that the company does not respond to consumer complaints.