January 24, 2023

Houston Hall

Houston Hall at Penn State

Houston Hall, built in 1896, is one of the most historic student unions in the country. It is a popular venue for cultural and educational events and is a great location for social and special occasions. The venue has 14 spaces that can be reserved for private events. Whether you're hosting a reception or an engagement party, Houston Hall can accommodate you. Houston Hall

The main floor of Houston Hall is filled with wood beams, exposed brick, and a high ceiling. There are also skylights and two twelve-foot screens. A digital photo booth is available, which will help you to capture a fun memory of your guests.

In addition to serving a variety of drinks, Houston Hall features an extensive wine list and a large selection of craft beers. Houston Hall also offers a full-service kitchen and bartending services. All of the food and drink are prepared to order by the restaurant's experienced chefs. Some of the menu items include hot dogs, beer-battered onion rings, and chili dogs.

While Houston Hall is an impressive beer hall, it also serves as a venue for weddings. The space has an attached patio that provides a beautiful outdoor wedding experience and can accommodate up to 180 guests. This makes it a great place to have a reception, a rehearsal dinner, or even an outdoor wedding.

The first floor of Houston Hall is equipped with a study room that is ideal for groups of friends to gather. There is also a comfortable seating area with lounge furniture and several tables.

On the lower level, there are snack machines, as well as beverage vending machines. Students can also rent out the game room, which is a great place to watch a sporting event on the big screen. Another option is to have a game of foosball or air hockey. Guests can play classic arcade games or use the ping-pong table.

In addition to the beer and food options at Houston Hall, the building is also home to several non-student organizations. Despite its historic architecture, the building is not centrally located on campus. If you're looking for a more convenient location to host an event, you might consider the Arts, Research, and Culture House. Also, check out the Happenings@Penn monthly calendar for upcoming events in the area.

Though the main floor of Houston Hall is not as welcoming to students as some other locations on campus, the Office of Student Affairs has made efforts to increase the amount of student activity at the building. Earlier this fall, representatives from the Undergraduate Assembly met with Hauber to discuss ideas for renovating the building. One idea proposed was to convert one of the reading rooms into a recreational space.

With its large open floor plan, rustic charm, and eclectic decor, Houston Hall has a unique charm that many people appreciate. Those who love vintage architecture and industrial-chic aesthetics will want to check out this former parking garage. Whether you're planning a wedding, a rehearsal dinner, or an engagement party, Houston Hall can make your vision a reality.

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