Houston Housing Authority

Houston Housing Authority

The Houston Housing Authority is a public housing agency that provides rental housing for low-income individuals, families, and seniors. It works with city and county partners to improve housing options and provide support services to those who need them. Applicants are chosen based on their location, program availability, and preferences. Houston Housing Authority

The agency offers a variety of programs, including Public Housing, the Housing Choice Voucher Program, and the Family Self-Sufficiency Program. These programs offer supportive services for low-income families, such as job training and childcare assistance. They also offer housing information and referrals to other government and nonprofit agencies.

Currently, the Houston Housing Authority manages over 3,150 units of public housing. They also administer the country's third-largest voucher program for homeless veterans. In addition to this, the agency provides emergency shelters and provides services, and resources to help prepare the community for local large-scale emergencies.

HHA provides a wide range of affordable housing choices, including mid-rise apartments and senior high-rise apartments. The agency also provides services to support the elderly, families, and the disabled. The Housing Choice Voucher program, also known as Section 8, offers tenant-based assistance for those who qualify.

As a member of the Better Buildings Challenge, the Houston Housing Authority is dedicated to making communities more sustainable. It is working to achieve a 20 percent reduction in energy intensity by 2024. This will include aggressively incorporating green technologies, and educating residents about eco-friendly practices.

Applicants can check on the status of their application at any time. They can log on to the HHA website using a login ID and password. If they do not have a computer, they can make an appointment at the computer lab to complete their application. Applicants must keep their contact and address information current. They will be notified of their selection and given a deadline for returning all required documents.

As part of its mission to increase opportunities for resident success, the HHA provides a comprehensive list of services. These include a Community Safety Program, a family escrow account, a job training program, and home ownership counseling. You can also access the Vacancy Clearing House, a database of apartment complexes that are available for rent.

The Houston Housing Authority is one of many public housing agencies that work in conjunction with government and nonprofit partners to provide decent and safe housing to the poor. The agency also offers support services for those who need them, including housing assistance, transportation assistance, and case management services.

Aside from providing housing, the HHA also works with municipal and county partners to improve the city's environment. As a part of its efforts to become more environmentally friendly, the HHA is also implementing a new energy audit for its portfolio of public housing. Using data and best practices from this process, the agency will determine the most effective way to reduce energy intensity by 20% by 2024.

In addition to providing housing, the Houston Housing Authority also works to ensure that its properties meet the quality standards set by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. For example, each unit of the apartment complex must be rented to an eligible individual or family at a reasonable rate.