January 25, 2023

Houston Medical Imaging

Houston Medical Imaging

There are many imaging centers in the Houston area. This particular clinic boasts a full-service ultrasound department. The facility also features a handful of other health and medical services for your family's needs. If you're looking for a reputable place to have your sonogram performed, entrust the job to the professionals at Touchstone Medical Imaging. From bone density scans to MRIs, the friendly staff at this clinic will do their part to provide the best medical imaging in the greater Houston area. Houston Medical Imaging

The top-of-the-line facility is located at 3310 Richmond Avenue. In addition to ultrasounds, the clinic offers a variety of other diagnostic services including CT Scans, MRIs, and Nuclear Medicine. The aptly named Touchstone Medical Imaging boasts a well-rounded team of medical professionals whose expertise spans a wide array of medical specialties. While the facility might not be the largest in town, the quality of care that is delivered is certainly nothing to sneeze at. With eight employees on the job at any given time, the office is always buzzing. Despite the flurry of activity, the workplace is a calm and comfortable environment for both patients and providers.

Aside from the quality of care that is delivered, the office is filled with professionals who care about you as a person. From the receptionists to the physicians and nurse practitioners, the staff is a friendly and reassuring force in a tough industry. The facilities are clean and the equipment is state-of-the-art. It's also worth noting that the staff is friendly and supportive, a positive attribute that is hard to come by in a clinic setting. Another benefit is the free parking on the premises. As such, a visit to the office may be a breeze for those without a vehicle of their own. Whether you're a longtime resident or a recent transplant to the Bayou City, Houston Medical Imaging is a worthwhile destination. So, give this office a call today. You'll be glad you did. After all, it's better to keep your health in mind than your wallet. Besides, the more you take care of yourself the better off you'll be in the long run.

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