January 26, 2023

Houston Museums

Houston Museums

There are numerous world-class museums in Houston. From the world's largest art museum to a museum dedicated to space travel, there's something for everyone in Houston. You can visit the city's finest attractions for free or pay a small fee. All of them are fun and educational. Houston Museums

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is the city's most visited museum. With over 62,000 works of art, it has a collection spanning six continents and 6,000 years of history. Located in Hermann Park, it is open from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays.

The Museum of Fine Arts is the oldest and largest art museum in the city. It contains more than 63,000 works of art, including Italian Renaissance paintings and French Impressionist paintings. Educators are available to give tours of the galleries.

The Contemporary Arts Museum, located in the Museum District, features national and regional art exhibits. It also presents local and emerging artists. As a nonprofit organization, it is committed to supporting local artists. Dedicated to presenting art that reflects modern life, the museum has a focus on emerging talents.

Founded in 1948, the Contemporary Arts Museum features a rotating roster of national and international contemporary artists. Along with its regular exhibitions, the museum offers a variety of educational programs and workshops. Some of the most popular include a family art activity and a hands-on craft.

The Houston Fire Museum, a small but fascinating museum, features a fire truck cab that has working lights. Children can play with fire safety kits, play with a fireman's pole, and enjoy the play house. Other notable highlights include the robot building in the Invention Convention area and the FlowWorks wet zone.

Houston is home to the Blaffer Art Museum, one of the most prominent university museums in the country. Located on the University of Houston's main campus, the museum is open to the public and features a wide variety of art, from ancient Egyptian to modern American and European. It has hosted many public programs and has played host to renowned artists.

One of the newest museums in Houston is the Menil Collection. Designed by a French couple, the collection includes works of tribal art, Byzantine art, medieval art, medieval architecture, and the works of Mark Rothko. Located on Sul Ross Street, the Menil Collection is free to visit.

Another art museum in Houston is the Art Car Museum. Its eclectic mix of art cars makes it a great place to see the alternative scene. Not only is the car museum free to enter, it hosts an annual art car parade.

Houston is also home to the Museum of Funeral History. This museum traces the story of human prejudice and persecution during World War II. Among the exhibits are the HOPE: Stories of Houston Survivors, a series of video testimonies from survivors. Also on display is the Woman, the Spirit of the Universe, which features the works of 23 American heroines.

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