Houston Offshore Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered injuries as a result of an offshore accident, you may wish to contact a Houston offshore accident attorney. These lawyers specialize in assisting individuals who have suffered injuries while working offshore, regardless of the type of incident. The Texas state law provides you with the right to sue if you have been injured in a workplace accident, but offshore accidents are excluded. A Houston offshore accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation from those responsible for the injury.

If you have been injured on an offshore oil rig, it is essential to seek medical attention. It can take a long time to develop the symptoms of an injury, but a doctor can accurately diagnose it and help tie it to the accident. You should avoid seeing any doctor recommended by your employer, since they may not be working in your best interest. Instead, choose a Houston offshore accident lawyer who has a track record of successfully assisting other clients.

To find a Houston offshore accident lawyer, you can use the Internet. Search for the lawyer's name online or search for relevant terms. These will bring up a number of articles, videos, and news articles. You can also request for a case study. The Callahan Law Firm offers a free consultation and no-fee representation. You may also want to consider calling their offices in Houston if you have been injured on a boat or are unable to travel to the area.

If you have been injured offshore, you should contact a Houston offshore accident lawyer immediately. You should report the injury to your employer, as well as the owner of the platform, rig, or vessel. You should also obtain a copy of the accident report and contact information for the parties responsible for the incident. Once you've filed your claim, you should contact a Houston offshore accident lawyer to evaluate your case. These lawyers can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

A Houston offshore accident lawyer has extensive experience in representing injured seamen. They have the experience to handle complex cases, and can negotiate on behalf of their clients to maximize their compensation. They will help you file for compensation and fight to protect your rights. If you have suffered an injury and are unable to work, the legal team will fight for you. They have been practicing for decades and can help you navigate the complexities of maritime law.

An experienced Houston offshore accident attorney can investigate the incident. A Jones Act claim can only be filed if the offshore accident was caused by the employer. Other claims may be made based on defective equipment, machinery, or materials. In these cases, a product liability claim may be appropriate. The statute of limitations is two years from the date of the injury. As a result, an experienced Houston offshore accident lawyer can assist you with the process of filing a lawsuit.