Houston Police

Houston Police Department

The Houston Police Department is a primary law enforcement agency that is dedicated to protecting the public, upholding democratic values, and providing a safe environment. This city-wide agency employs more than 5,300 officers, and 1,200 civilian support personnel, and operates from headquarters in downtown Houston. It is also the third-largest air support unit in the United States. Houston Police

Officers are required to undergo six months of specialized training from some of the best officers in the field. Upon completion, they are issued a peace officer license. HPD also provides officers with an assortment of firearms, including SIG Sauer P227 and Glock 21 pistols, as well as Smith & Wesson M&P45 semi-automatic handguns.

In addition, the HPD has a small fleet of stealth patrol vehicles, which are plain white cars that feature hidden emergency lights. They also carry TASER X26 tasers.

Some of the department's vehicles are repainted black with the word "HOUSTON POLICE" on the side. These patrol cars have a life expectancy of about 300,000 miles with regular maintenance. As of 2011, the majority of the city's fleet of patrol vehicles is made up of Ford Crown Victoria police interceptors.

The Houston Police Department has two helicopters, which are in the air for about 21 hours per day. Additionally, the department has a fleet of Ford F150 extended cab pickup trucks that are used for mobility response.

The department believes that the people who work for it are its most important asset. Therefore, the department encourages open communication and genuine concern for one another.

A number of employees are awarded for exceptional contributions. For example, the Chief of Police Unit Citation may be given to two or more employees for acts of outstanding service. Individuals may also be recognized for their humanitarian work.

Many of the department's officers and employees are connected to various charitable activities. These events are also a source of communication between the department and the community.

Houston Police Department is the 5th largest municipal police department in the United States. However, its budget is severely limited. Thus, it is facing financial difficulties when ordering new vehicles. Despite the tight budget, the department has not ceased to upgrade its fleet of patrol vehicles.

Officers are allowed to carry an AR-15 rifle, a SIG Sauer P227, a Glock 22, and a TASER X26. They can also carry Smith & Wesson M&P40.40 (S&W) caliber semi-automatic handguns.

Houston's Police Department also has a Helicopter Division that is the third largest air support unit in the country. In 2010, the division celebrated its 40th anniversary. Several McDonnell Douglas and Schweizer-Hughes helicopters are operated by the division.

The Houston Police Department's headquarters is located at 1200 Travis Street in downtown Houston. The department has an Android and Apple iOS mobile application, which contains information about the department. Users can also use the app to access safety tips and crime prevention advice.

While the Houston Police Department is a valuable asset, its officers and employees are the most important asset of all. Through hard work and dedication, the department hopes to enhance the quality of life in the city of Houston.