Houston Raceway Park

Houston Raceway Park is Set to Close in April 2022

Houston Raceway Park, or HRP, is a 500-acre drag racing complex in Baytown, Texas. The facility has been host to a variety of races and events and has been a staple for the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series for the last 35 years. However, the facility is set to close in April 2022, making this the fourth NHRA racetrack to close in the past four years. Houston Raceway Park

In the last 25 years, Houston Raceway Park has produced a number of record-breaking performances. In fact, it was the venue where the NHRA first recorded a four-second pass. That first four-second pass was set by Texan Gene Snow, who made his run at the 1988 race. Since then, dozens of drag racers have set the bar for their competitors.

The race track is also home to a number of national events, including the annual Powerade Drag Racing Series national event and Fast Fridays. Tickets for these special events can be purchased online or at O'Reilly Auto Parts stores in the Houston area.

Houston Raceway Park is the only major multi-purpose motorsports facility in the Houston area. It is a state-of-the-art, 3/8-mile ASA asphalt speedway that is open every weekend, weather permitting. There is also plenty of parking, and ticket prices are reasonable. Guests can get discounted tickets for the facility by visiting O'Reilly auto parts store locations in the Houston area.

With its proximity to Trinity Bay, which feeds the facility with cool air, the race track has enjoyed fantastic atmospheric conditions. It also has permanent restrooms and concession buildings. When the track was built, it was intended to be a venue for street racing. This will be the last NHRA national event to be held at the facility, so the send-off will be a memorable one.

Many of the most memorable moments in the history of the NHRA have taken place at Houston Raceway Park. Michael Phillips became the first African-American to win a pro category in 1997. Doug Foley, who drove a Supra, finished fourth. Austin Prock finished sixth. Other notable winners include Joe Amato, who won six times, and Antron Brown, who won his first Top Fuel race at the facility.

During its 30-plus years of operation, the facility hosted two national events each year. It was once known as Royal Purple Raceway, and the Gay family of Dickenson, Texas, owned the facility. They sold their interest in the facility to the Angel brothers, who operate the track. Although the Gays have since lost their stake in the property, the facility has remained in operation for the past nine months and will continue to be operated by the Angels through at least 2023.

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