January 19, 2023

Houston Restaurants

Houston Restaurants

Houston has a vibrant and diverse culinary scene. The city's population includes a wide range of nationalities and ethnicities, which has spawned the creation of a variety of fusion and innovative dishes. From Louisiana Creole to Vietnamese cuisine, Houston's foodie haven is as diverse as the city itself. With more than 10,000 restaurants, Houston is a haven for food enthusiasts. In recent years, Houston has been booming with a number of restaurant openings. Houston Restaurants

A few Houston restaurants stand out as the place to go for authentic and exciting fusion dishes. For instance, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is an iconic Houston restaurant that offers the ultimate steakhouse experience. Also, The Annie has been a staple of the Houston dining scene for decades. Since it first opened in 1980, it has changed hands multiple times, and now it is under Berg Hospitality Group's management.

Nikki Tran's restaurant in the Montrose neighborhood is a modern take on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. It offers a number of options, including a fried chicken entrée. Also, it features an inventive cocktail menu. There are a variety of vegetarian options.

Another Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston is Ninfa's Cafe. It has a red-sauce-inspired menu. Besides the enticing steaks, the restaurant also serves a number of different salads. You can even order a tres leches cake.

Other restaurants that serve up a variety of foods include Nomad Barbecue, which serves Texas craft BBQ. This eatery has an impressive taproom and outdoor seating. On weekends, they offer a la carte meats. They even feature tater tot casseroles and corn pudding.

Poitin is another newcomer to the Houston restaurant scene. It opened in Sawyer Yards in 2018. This restaurant is run by New Orleans native Dominick Lee. His Irish spirit has been distilled and infused into his culinary endeavor.

Among the top places for breakfast tacos in Houston are the Brothers Taco House and La Mexicana. These two spots are perfect for anyone who enjoys a good, filling morning meal.

Houston Restaurant Weeks was founded in 2003 by Cleverley Stone. Her "Dine Out & Do Good" mantra spurred the growth of the city's restaurant community. By doing so, she raised over $16.6 million for the Houston Food Bank. Today, the foundation has helped distribute over 52 million meals to those in need.

The Cleverley Stone Foundation produces Houston Restaurant Weeks, which has become the city's largest annual fundraiser. Founded in conjunction with her daughter Katie Stone, the foundation continues the work of the late food entrepreneur. While Houston Restaurant Weeks has been a huge success, the Cleverley Stone Foundation will continue to support food-insecure residents.

Lastly, you can't miss the culinary creations of Paul Qui. He is a James Beard Award-winning chef and Top Chef. You can find his signature dishes at Golfstrommen, which is set to open in POST Houston in December 2021.

Despite the many changes that have occurred at The Annie, it is still one of the city's most celebrated restaurants. Their Sunday brunch is especially festive.

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