Houston Rockets Rumors

Houston Rockets Rumors About Trading Eric Gordon

There have been some rumblings in recent weeks about the Houston Rockets trading veteran shooting guard Eric Gordon. The Rockets have already acquired a first-round pick in the next draft and are looking to add some youth to their roster. However, they are not yet prepared to make the move. Houston Rockets Rumors

A number of teams have contacted the Rockets about a trade. Several of them have hoped to acquire a second-round pick, while others have suggested they would like a first-round selection. One team that has been a favorite to acquire Gordon is the Milwaukee Bucks.

Another possible option is the Orlando Magic. The Rockets have been in trade discussions with the Magic, though it has been unclear if the two sides have reached an agreement. According to reports, the Rockets would like to receive an additional first-round selection as part of the deal. This would help the Rockets develop their young talent on the roster for the long run.

While there is a chance that Gordon could be traded before the NBA trade deadline, Houston hasn't made any concrete offers. They don't want to give away the best player on the roster. Having said that, it is clear that they are still interested in adding another veteran to their young roster.

The Rockets' biggest problem is that they don't have a solid perimeter player on their team. Their current point guard duo, Russell Westbrook and Jeremy Lin, are good players, but they don't have enough talent to take the Rockets to the playoffs. Also, the Rockets aren't playing very well on either end of the floor.

Whether the Rockets can land a superstar isn't a certainty, but they do have a handful of young players that they can build around. For instance, they have Jae'Sean Tate, who has shown significant value since returning from injury. In addition, they have Jalen Green and Usman Garuba. If the Rockets can find a veteran who can help them develop their young players, they should be able to add some key pieces to the roster.

The Rockets will also need to improve their point guard, which is a key problem on the roster. In fact, the Rockets have the worst assist rate in the NBA, at 26th. With that in mind, it's not surprising that Houston has been accused of playing too much iso ball.

There are a variety of veterans in the trade market that the Rockets can consider. Considering their current state, they might be willing to use their first-round pick to acquire a star in order to facilitate the rebuild. Other options include a point guard who has a solid reputation, such as Rajon Rondo, or a veteran who has proven to be an asset on other teams, such as Goran Dragic.

Ultimately, the Rockets' biggest hope is that they can get their franchise player back in the next few years. Although the Rockets haven't done anything concrete, there's still a good chance that the team will be able to re-sign Harden and Kevin Durant, both of whom will be free agents in the coming years.